Consistent Tiger Lockups


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Mar 27, 2003
Normal I don't think much of an occasional lockup in an early version of an OS, but these identical conditions have now occured 2-3 times over the last week. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced these conditions:

The menubar icon pallete stop responding, and only shows a the spinning beach ball when you move your mouse over it. During this problem, you are not able to open any programs. Whenever you try to launch something, it just bouced endlessly in the dock. Because of this, you aren't even able to open up the activity monitor to kill the menubar. If you attempt a shutdown, restart, or log off, the command will simply go unrecieved. The one thing that does do something is relaunching the finder from the dock. But this will only further cause more issues. Basically, everytime this has happened, I've had no other option but physically power down the computer.

Just as a note, I'm running off of a clean install of Mac OS X Tiger, with no thirdy party apps running while this issue occurs. I haven't installed any system hacks or modification either. It's the cleanest running version of Tiger you can possible immagine. I hope this is a comon problem Apple is working on. I have never needed to manually power down my computer so many times before. It's ruining my perfect track record with OS X!


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Apr 19, 2005
EDIT: blah i'm retarded and didn't read ...

are there any apps you can relate this to happening? anything you are running always at the time of it happening? any third party enhancement apps?


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Mar 1, 2005
blodwyn said:
Also, do you have any external devices plugged in to USB or FW?
if you have any external devices such as mouse, ipod, hdd and whatnot
can cause your sys to hang when attempting to wake, sleep or shut down

at least thats on notebooks, dont know about iMac's