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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by piranhaofeden, Apr 8, 2008.

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    so I am working on heading a halo tournament at my university...what i would like to do is display real-time in-game footage (basically, what the individual players are seeing) at the same time on projectors. Here's what i'm thinking i'll need....

    Somehow converting component video/audio into either firewire or USB into my comp. The catch is that i would have to have almost zero lag.
    Second, i would need a program that could manage all those different inputs (up to eight), and i'm not sure if anything apple makes could do that.

    wild and crazy suggestions are totally welcome! just trying to get a feel of what i would need.
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    Are you trying to capture the video also? Otherwise there is really no reason to send it to the computer. A video splitter should be able to send the signal to multiple monitors, TVs, or projectors. It will also boost the signal.

    I've never used the following site but might give you an idea of where to look for:

    Are you trying to run all the feeds to your computer (specs on your computer would be nice too) and then do a "real time edit" for people watching?

    Either way it's not going to be cheap I don't imagine.

    *thinking more* You might be able to get away with a component video switcher similar to one that you are meant to hook up a PS3, 360, Wii, DVD player to. Then run the output from that to the computer. Then you'd have to switch on the switcher instead of the computer and it would just switch your input signal. That might not work fast enough though.
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    So, if I understand you correctly, you want to be able to project the individual gamers screen onto a big screen (or wall or whatever). How many projectors will you have and how much money do you have to spend on video gear? Feeding a Mac the signals won't be part of the plan (especially since you say you want zero/near zero lag). Also, is the game going to be played on consoles or computers?

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    I'm starting to get the picture here....
    Basically, let's say we have eight Xbox 360's, all with HDMI outputs, and eight HDMI-input capable TV's. Initially I do not need to capture video or edit in real it looks like I could hook it directly into the projectors? Here's how I'm looking at the system:
    I have each Xbox hooked directly into an 2 port HDMI splitter - from there, I have one end running into the TV (the player's TV) and the other end into a 4-port HDMI hub and from there into the projector. From there, I can directly control which player is displayed on the projectors via the HDMI hub.

    Would that work? Would lag be a problem at the 2-port splitters? And how fast would the HDMI hub be able to switch? I'm only using HDMI because that's the only hub I can find...I can get the cables cheap. Is it possible to use only component?

    Your answers are helpful and thought-provoking! Thanks for that link as well.

    *edit* I forgot to mention - I don't think my 2.33Ghz MBP with 2GB RAM could handle 8 simultaneous video inputs...haha
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    Splitting the HDMI then rejoining at a hub is the easiest. I don't have any experience with hubs, but that would be your limitation. Buy a few different models and test them out. Return the ones that don't work as well. Stay away from component if you can get the HDMI cables for a low price.

    I think your MBP might explode with 8 video feeds. :p
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    Head over to the forums for help with this kind of stuff. The best Halo 3 European players are all there, including the event organisers of Matchbox360's XL tournament (biggest UK console LAN tournament and (now called Pulse TV). Try speaking to a certain Kon(spiracy) regarding any technical info/advice you'll need, as he is responsible for the whole XL project. And generally most users will be happy to help with anything that relates to Halo and a bigger audience.

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