Consolidated Dual Core iMac benchmark thread

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by plinden, Jan 27, 2006.

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    Real World Benchmarks

    D'OH! I just noticed the title of this topic!!
    I work a lot a just had my first cup of java..

    Here's a couple benchmarks.Keep in mind my way of benchmarking is tuned more toward the average user experience..

    Intel iMac Dual-Core 1.83 w/2gigs ram X1600 video w/128megs..HEY! it was free from the ADC :) vs my rev.B Dual 2.3 G5 Powermac w/4 gigs ram Radeon 9650 video card.

    I copied a 3.03 gig zip of .WAV files.180 minutes,14 songs ,from a DVD to the desktop..

    Approx 8-10 minutes for each machine.

    Unzip the file..
    Approx 5 minutes for the G5 and 4 minutes for the iMac.

    I set iTunes to encode AAC 128kbps as the default.

    Drag and Drop the songs to iTunes library

    Approx 3 minutes for each machine.
    Convert to AAC 128kbps.
    Approx 3 minutes @ 30X for the Dual G5
    Approx 5 minutes @20.5X for the Intel iMac.

    Thats one..

    iMovie :
    Connected a Canon optura 60 and recorded 2 minutes worth of wide-screen native .dv

    Export to .dv :
    G5 took about 3 minutes as did the Intel iMac
    here's the interesting part
    Export to iPod
    G5 took about 5 minutes
    Intel iMac took about 3 1/2..

    More later since I'm moving various systems around the house..
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    Apr 1, 2005
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    Toast 7.0.2 Benchmarks

    Here's a benchmark using Toast 7.0.2.Intel iMac was using Rosetta
    2.7gig DVD
    DVD copy :
    Save as disk image
    rev B. Dual 2.3 G5 w/4gigs ram : 3m30s
    Intel iMac 1.83 w/2 gigs ram :13m40s

    Burn disk image to DVD :
    rev B. Dual 2.3 G5 w/4gigs ram :7m40s,cpu %-approx 16%,memory-45megs VM-342megs
    Intel iMac dual 1.83 w/2gigs ram : 20m12s,cpu %-approx 23%,memory-66megs VM-468megs

    Interesting thing about the iMac.Apple states it will burn DVD-R up to 8X
    Using Toast under Rosetta only allowed me to burn at 2X.

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