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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by DaWooster, Jan 5, 2010.

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    I was originally going to post my assumptions in the "I'm Waiting for Arrandale" thread, but I think I've got enough material to justify a whole thread for this.

    When is it coming?
    Synopsis: February

    As of January 5th, I don't think the timing is right at all for an update. This is only the second Tuesday since Christmas. If Apple wants to minimize loss due to returns, they'd have to wait at least until the 19th (4th Tuesday since Christmas).

    But the 19th doesn't make sense because Apple's promotions, (Free Printers, iWork Discount etc) all terminate on the 18th. Apple will use the 19th to 'announce' the renewal of said bargains.

    The next Tuesday I'm not optimistic about, the 26th, because Apple's hosting the iSlate announcement event on the 27th, when it was previously rumored to be on the 26th. Tuesdays mean new products. Wednesdays mean nothing. Apple wouldn't release something the day before a big event just to have all the thunder stolen in 24 hours, IMO. And I think they moved the event to Wednesday so people won't be 'as' disappointed when nothing new is for sale.

    That leaves sometime in February. And honestly, February fits the MacBook Pro release cycle. If you check out the MacBook Pro Buyer's Guide, you'll note all the Pros have been released on roughly an 8 month cycle. Last update was in June '09, 8 months from June is February '10.

    This is correlated by the Report about nVidia's Optimus that thadoggfather mentioned. More news next month on this topic. Considering how Apple and nVidia have been cooperating recently, and how the announcement lines up with the MacBook Pro's 8 month release cycle, I think we're in for a treat.

    This all naturally assumes that Apple gets the chip they demand in time. Which could throw us off as late as late March, judging by the delay of the Jan '05 Powerbook, if they're held back.

    What's inside?

    Hard Disk
    The Current 13" low end MacBook Pro has 160 gigs by default. The consumer model MacBook has 250. It's safe to assume a default HD bump to 250 gigs. At Apple's current Custom Configuration scheme, you would be saving $45, comparing a 250 Gig 13" MBP now and at refresh.

    The rest of the line I don't see any major disk space changes. Possibly the SS Drives, but I have not been studying them at all due to the cost per gig compared to traditional drives. Right now it's safe to assume everyone's using time machine for backups, SSD or not. Assuming a DIYS solution, my laptop HD would need to fail irrevocably 2 times, before the cost broke even with a SSD.

    As far as specs go, I don't see us breaking the 8 gig limit any time soon, since the iMacs currently have the same cap and were updated recently. The intro MBP 'might' get 4 gigs by default, if Apple decides that the intro MBP shouldn't just be a MacBook with an aluminum case.

    The ram specs aren't interesting in and of themselves, but Apple's upgrade prices are. MacBook Pros and iMacs both use 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM, and both have the 8 gig cap. The interesting thing is that with the iMac, moving from 4 to 8 gigs cost $180, while the Pros cost $540 for the same jump in configuration. I'm not necessarily saying I'm expecting Apple to make the prices the same (Mostly because I've only started looking at the iMacs and don't know what the previous Ram Upgrade Prices were), but it'd sure be nice.

    Graphics and Processor

    No clue on my end folks. The Pros are implied to be using Arrandale, the first in the mac line, which throws the current processor specs out the window.

    However, I am expecting Apple to keep their stair stepping processor configuration. eg High-End 13" has the same processor as the Low End 15" etc.

    Graphics are implied to be using Optimus, which isn't going to be show cased until next month, so I can't guess there either.


    Feel free to correct me on anything you feel I was wrong about.
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    The RAM prices are what they are because iMac has 4 RAM slots while MBP has 2.

    I can see MacBook sticking with Core 2 Duo and maybe more MacBook models starting from 699$ or 799$. MBP will get Arrandale and 17" may get Clarksfield.

    As for graphics, nVidia just released GeForce 300M series (just renamed 200M series) so we'll likely see them in new laptops as well. It would be nice to see ATI Mobile Radeon 5000 series but unfortunately I guess Apple sticks with nVidia instead
  3. gfiz macrumors 6502


    Dec 18, 2009
    The newer imacs all have ati cards, i'd be pretty surprised to see Apple not take advantage of the economies of scale both from a cost and technology/support standpoint and have the next iteration of laptops use the same or similar gpus.
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    This topic has been beaten to death already. Your prediction is just as good as anyone else's, so if you're looking for validation just wait.
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    Only this:
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    8 months is too g*ddamn long between update cycles in the world of computer technology.

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