Consolidating two Verizon plans into one AT&T

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thehype31, Jul 2, 2008.

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    Mar 31, 2006
    Ok, here's the deal.

    I am currently a verizon customer, on my own plan, still in contract. My fiancee and her mother are also both verizon customers on their own, separate, family plan; however, they are no longer under contract. This is what we would like to do:

    Switch to AT&T on a family plan. The 59.99 plan is available in my area. We want one iPhone 3G (for myself, will be primary line) and 2 other regular phones.

    This is what I see the cost being for the service:
    59.99 family plan
    9.99 for additional line
    30.00 3G data unlimited
    29.99 unlimited family text

    130.00 total.

    Anyway, here's the whole point of my post.

    Which one of the following am I allowed to do per the rules about switching rate plans/adding lines?

    1) Go to the AT&T store on July 11th, port my number, start my AT&T plan, then go back a few days later with my fiancee and her mom to add 2 lines and get the 2 new phones for them at the promotional rate w/2 year agreement, and still get the 59.99 family plan?

    2) Go by myself on July 11th, start the family plan, pick up the phones they want and get generic numbers, then go back at a later date with them to port their numbers to their lines?

    I'm just not sure how it works with consolidating 2 verizon plans into one AT&T plan. Mind you, it's not possible for us all to just go on the 11th as my fiancee will be out of town.

    I appreciate any advice/help etc. Thank you.

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