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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by pjginfl, Oct 21, 2014.

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    I currently have 3 active macs. A late 2012 MBP, a mid 2012 MBA, and a late 2012 Mini. The reason I have three - I travel with a backup in case I have a problem with one... plus allows me to run a presentation with one and have a backup. (Note I also have an iPad air).

    I have the Mini because it was originally a screamer with a 1 tb drive that keeps my 65,000 photos intact in iPhoto - too many for the Pro or air.

    I keep all of my data / docs / etc. in Dropbox - so they're pretty seamlessly available by all machines.

    The ONLY reason I have the mini - is photos. It's hooked up to my cinema 27"... and it's a great looking display. But I could just as easily hookup the air or pro and have the same experience.

    I feel mac heavy. And I want to lighten my load.

    Any advice?
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    I would look at making the Pro a daily driver with the Air being the backup machine on the go. The Mini's duty can be replaced by a Thunderbolt drive or NAS. It is imperative that you invest in a good backup solution in that case.

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