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    Ok i have a huuuge dilemma here...I gave my iPhone 3g to my sister and got myself an iPhone 3GS.

    So i backed up my old 3G with all my contacts onto iTunes. Then i got the same phone and set it up as a new phone to give to my sister.

    Little did i know that my old backup with everything would be erased.

    So i go to setup my 3gs with my backup and NOTHING.

    So i am HOPING there is someone here who can tell me how to get my old backup back or at least just my contacts?

    I would reallly appreciate it you will save me

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    From Apple's support site. I think the bolded will help you:

    To restore information from a backup use one of the following methods after connecting your iPhone or iPod touch to the computer you normally sync with:

    In iTunes, select the device, then select the Summary tab and click Restore (this deletes all data on iPhone and restores to factory settings). When prompted by iTunes, select the option to restore your settings.


    Right-click (or Control-click) the device, and choose Restore from Backup.

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    If you used the backup and they're not on there, then there's nothing you can do with the backup. However, didn't you sync your contacts??? If not, learn from this and make sure you do next time. Also you should copy the backup folder for a good backup and save it in a safe place.
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    Check to see if you had the "Sync Address Book Contacts" option selected in iTunes.

    Your contacts would have saved to the Address Book app in your applications folder on your Mac. Outlook if you are on Windows.

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