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    Hi all,

    I don't know if this can be done but here goes. I have an iMessage group of 40 colleagues that I work with and it's often used to discuss ideas and plan events. Ofcourse the ones that I often communicate with and talk to outside of work are under my Contacts, however, there are all the remaining contacts that are part of the group. There's a directory of all the numbers and who they belong to but I don't want to keep referring to that. So my question is:

    1) Can I create a Contact called "Clinical Research R&D" and have all my contacts under this one 'contact' but have individual names show up instead of adding them all as separate contacts?
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    I'm not sure of the field limits for individual contacts, but I think you can add them and add custom fields identifying their names. I am a member of a national community organization, and there are dozens of numbers for contacts for various things. I created them all as separate phone numbers and used custom fields to identify what each number is. Better than creating dozens of separate contacts for essentially the same kinds of things.

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