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    Contact management software requirements


    I am looking for a contact management software for the OSX. I want to keep track of all the people I know. I’ve tried Evenote Hallo (which is very buggy), and I don’t like the interface of outlook on my iMac.

    I have a few basic needs and a few additional stuff:

    - Custom, unlimited tags for the contacts. (not folders)
    - Sync between computers and/or cloud. (I use dropbox, if that could help).
    - Place for pictures and comments for each contact.

    - Search ability by keywords, which would be able to search the notes that I associate with the contacts.
    - Last time contacted date entry.
    - Location of meetings.

    Namedropping is encarouge.

    Budget limit: $50.

    Thanks! ☺
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    The Holy Grail...

    Unfortunately, dependable/reasonably priced/fairly powerful/flexible/easy-to-use contact management software is now a real weak spot in Mac apps!

    Bento is OK, but it's always felt clunky to me, and doesn't show what groups a contact belongs to (for that, Cobook is useful). Soho Organizer feels better, but can be a crash monster--something you don't want in the middle of adding a bunch of new contacts (if you use it, sync often!). Daylite has a bunch of stuff most of us don't need, is pricy, and requires a "server" machine set-up.

    The situation's been depressing since the long drawn-out death of Now Contacts/Up-to-date. I'm hoping BusyMac, makers of BusyCal, gets ambitious and produces a righteous replacement for Now; in a blog a while back, they said it was in their "roadmap."
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    Check out Daylite from Marketcircle. There are Mac, iPad, and iPhone apps that all sync together. It's a great contact management app plus a whole lot more - but it does NOT meet your budget needs. Price for a single user is $179, but worth every penny.

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