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    Feb 18, 2012
    Alright now before I start let me tell you how my Iphone 4 is since its not an average one. I live in China so I have a DCMA iphone 4 (Verizon, found that from settings) which is still set to "America". I am not jailbroken (because I wanted to avoid any issues, the past 3-4 iphones where all heavily broken:cool:) and my iOS is 5.1.1(9B206) abd my carrier (as per settings) is Verizon 12.0 (but note that the carrier is set by ChinaTelecom).

    *EDIT* I am also fully synced with my iCloud service to my Mac (contacts, calendars, everything...its why i upgraded from 3GS in the first place!!).

    Now here is the issues:

    When I receive phone calls, they all have the +86 infront of them (thats China's code). However when I get text massages, the +86 is not there. That means if I add a contact WITH the +86, then I don't see their names in my massages and if I save a contact WITHOUT the +86, I can't see their names when I receive their calls. The only time my phone works as intended is when I call, which it simply shows their name.

    This issue has forced me to have 2 copies of everyone's numbers, labeling one "mobile" and one "TXT". Now that I've been quite busy these contacts have grown very large (+300) and some people have 2 to 3 numbers!

    Has this happened to you? Do you guys know any possible solutions?

    My own thought is that the difference in +86 is due to the Telecom here (and that would be their smallest mistake yet!) however I don't hear anyone else here complaining about it (almost everyone has iphone 4 or 4s here, its cheap :p )

    Oh before I forget, I've searched the forums before (not deeply) and found the "turn international assist off" which did help in case of the numbers without the +86, now it doesnt call the USA anymore (phew).

    Your help is apprecited.
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    Feb 18, 2012
    Update 1

    Alright so I tried turning iCloud's contact off then on again, nothing changed.

    I also added a copy of some of my recent contacts (so I have one with +86 and one without, as mentioned in original post). However I see the contact names in my massages (I did from day one) as the ones WITHOUT the +86, the oens WITH +86 are still without label, and still my "recents" is a long list of numbers WITHOUT +86 (however the ones that do have +86 show with names).

    Now I'm confused myself so let me write this more clearly:

    Contacts WITH +86 :
    • DOES NOT show in massages (their names)
    • Shows in "recents" and incoming calls

    Contacts WITHOUT +86 :
    • Does shows label in massages
    • Does NOT show in Recents and incoming calls.

  3. ryan.1 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Feb 18, 2012
    [Resolved] .... i guess

    Just to update those with the same problem,
    many methods were tried,
    many restores.
    I just gave up,
    threw the phone,
    Now I am happy,
    with my galaxy s3,
    screw you iphone,
    just let me be.


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