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    Help! I decided to take advantage of .me to consolidate all my contact lists. I started by doing a one way synch from Outlook to .me, then set up the pushes. Everything was fine. Today, I did Yahoo, and now have a mess of duplicates. Instead of merging the data, as I instructed, it created new records then prompted me to "resolve conflicts". Each time I synch, it seems to create a few more duplicates. I had planned to do Gmail, too, but can't until I get this figured out.

    OK, I admit it, I should have waited until all the bugs are worked out, but I do want to clean this up quickly. Which one is the "master" contact list? The one on the .me web app or the iCal app on my iBook? And how do I turn off the Yahoo synch once I get the address books cleaned up? I want to prevent additional updating of Yahoo.

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    I would consider the MobileMe Cloud (Server) as the Master List. The MobileMe Web Application is just another client access to the Cloud. Looks like you 1st copied your Outlook to .me. Now you are Syncing MobileMe and Outllook. At this point as you add new entries to Outlook they will be Synced with the Cloud every 15 min or if you do a manual Sync. I am confused about your comment about Yahoo. If you are talking about the Yahoo Address Book, not sure you can do that since you have started with Outlook. But I am not sure. You can now Sync with other Clients (not sure about other Address Books). If you are Syncing with iPhone then that would be Push between iPhone and MobileMe Cloud (again, this is why I consider this the Master).
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    Thanks. I experimented last night and cleaned off a few of the dupes. I didn't have time to test my iBook, but my touch is still showing the dupes I thought I fixed. I suspect that PUSH was down again overnight while they tried to fix some of the issues.

    FWIW, I've noticed that PUSH isn't really there until about 10:00 Eastern. I suspect Apple's maintenance window is 23:00-6:59 Pacific.

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