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    I recently tried to add some new contacts in my Contacts app on the Mac ad while putting in the contacts information I tried to associate a picture with the contact. I was not able to use the pictures that I had on my Mac. There was no option for me to look for the picture or anything. The only options were:
    Defaults - which just showed stock photos of flowers and animals or sports equipment
    Recents, which showed some recent photos I took of myself usingthe MacBooks iSight camera
    the third option was Camera, which would take a picture using the MacBooks iSight camera.
    There was no option to choose a photograph at all.

    To get the photograph associated with the picture I had to sync the photos to either my iPad or iPhone and then use the contacts app on either of those devices and choose the photos for those contact. They would then sync via iCloud back to the Mac app. There has to be an easier way that this could be done right on the Mac itself. Am I missing something?
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    Drag the photo onto the photo area on the contact card.


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