Contacts now FUBAR...grrr!!!

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    No changes made or updates done. Sitting here and phone rings and it's a 10 digit number. I recognized it and said wtf I have that stored. After the call, my call log was all 10 digit numbers.
    I went to address book and I store numbers like this 2125551212. I then went to call log and chose a number I had stored that was not displaying a name and did add to existing contact. It started to save that as +1 212-555-1212.
    Why in the hell is the +1 there? Why would this have happened and I made no changes....super annoying!!!


    Edit: if I add +1 to a contact I recently called, the name now appears instead of the 10 digits. How on Earth can I add +1 to 400 contacts!!!!!!!!!

    I found this..
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