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Jul 17, 2017
I have iCloud enabled for Contacts on both my iPhone X and MBP. On the MBP, I have Contacts "In iCloud" or "On my Mac".

I am pretty sure on the iPhone it used to be like this as well but I don't see any choices. Am I missing something? Is it because enabling Contacts in iCloud eliminates the option to store on the device?


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Jul 1, 2014
Correct, iCloud disables option for local save.

ADD: believe the "On My Mac" is not guaranteed to be there. Not going to mess with testing it, but, believe you have to have Contacts off for iCloud, create at least one contact, then turn on. Believe that when you say yes to merge to iCloud, will have a copy of the contact in "On Mac" and "iCloud". As long as one contact in "On Mac", will retain that folder and can be added to. Seen this when trying to fix messed up Contacts (eg. turning off/on, importing a Contacts archive). My current Mac Contacts does not have the option for "On Mac", just iCloud.
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