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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by colonel179, Oct 17, 2014.

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    Jun 10, 2014

    I don't understand how adding photos of contacts work. First of all, I HATE that stupid circle in the middle. It doesn't let me center the face (for example, when it is at the top of the photo). It doesn't let me make the photo smaller, so I can display the entire picture inside the circle. I can only move photo. However, if I move it, it will obviously be all over the place so that the thing I want to center on that stupid circle is in the correct place.

    The phone doesn't let me have the photo the way I want it to be displayed. I hate that the stupid circle can't be moved, that way I could center the picture based on the entire screen, and just move the circle so that I can choose what is displayed inside of it.

    Also, and I know it's a very asked question: how to make the photo be displayed on the entire screen when getting a call? It seems is either magic or alien technology that no one can be sure how it works.

    I hate that such a simple thing is being done so complicated for no reason at all. If whatsapp can display a square photo as a circle without any hassle at all ( you just add a picture, the app does the displaying of the photo as circle), why can't the iPhone do it? That stupid circle just ruins everything.

    Also, if I move a picture all the way to the corner to center a face in the circle, would it affect how it displays when receiving a call in full screen (assuming somehow it gets displayed full screen). Would it displayed centered or moved all the way to the corner?

    Thanks all and sorry for the rant
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    If you have a full screen contact photo on your phone (in an album for instance), then assign it to a contact, the full screen photo appears when you receive a call from them.
    These can be stored at the screen resolution of your device for best clarity
    At the time you assign it to the contact, you're given the circle dialogue, which then applies in places like your Favourites and on iCloud.
    It works, but I've always found variances on iCloud, my iPhone and iPad all the way back to iOS7

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