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    Apr 7, 2014
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    Hello Everyone,

    Last week I had to warranty out my iPhone 4s with my carrier (Verizon.) I was able to connect my previous iPhone to iTunes and create a backup and restore to replacement 4s.
    I am now missing a significant amount of contacts on my iPhone. The odd thing is if I go to messages and type the person's name (who can I remember) it will show their name and number, but as soon as I hit send, it will change back to their number. They also do not show in my contacts list. I have a few accounts setup my work Exchange account, my Gmail and iCloud account.
    I've tried to go to settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendar and import the SIM contacts to iCloud but they don't show on phone or in the iCloud web interface.
    I've tried rebooting, and turning off international dialing assist (as all of these numbers now have +1.)

    Please help!
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    It's a slim chance but...
    Go to off contacts..wait a minute..turn contacts back on.
    Wait three minutes.

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