contacts showing in Iphone spotlight but not showing in contacts

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    Jun 22, 2012

    I have this really annoying issue where new contact created on my Iphone shows if I use spotlight to search them but wont appear in my contact. I use Icloud only to sync contacts but it looks like those new contacts are created somewhere else and of course it's not syncing with Icloud. See images for more detail. It looks like I have a group not included in the selection which I cannot select (if that make any sense). If I look for a contact using spotlight it shows me the contact (see image 2387) and if I select this contact it shows in my contact but as well I have realised that more contact just shows in my total contacts. see images 2390-2391. As soon as I come out of my contacts it will reverse to the smaller count of contacts meaning that it that case I have 76 contacts not showing on my Iphone unless I look for them with spotlight.
    My Iphone is jailbreaked but it was doing that before so it's not the issue (and I buy everything I use on my iphine, it's just about the liberty of doing what I want of an hardware I bought from apple).
    I'm using only Icloud for contacts (no gmail or any other sync)
    I have tried to turn off contact sync in the pref and turn it back on after few minutes without any results.

    Please help me if you came accross the same issue and you have found a solution.


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    Is it possibly because you are viewing a contact group in your contacts, and not all your contacts?
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    Yes click groups in the top left corner of the contacts app.

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