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    I had issues with my fingerprint scanner so I brought my phone to the apple store. Despite they guy saying everything I had would be saved when he re-installed the software, nothing was saved and I had to set my phone up as new. I set my phone up as new when I got it a few weeks ago and my contacts and everything like that from iCloud loaded on it fine. But now my contacts wont load, only a chunk of them load and a lot of them are missing. I tried turning on and off my contacts from each account (two gmail accounts and iCloud) and I'm still only getting the select group of contacts to sync onto my phone.

    ANy suggestions for this? Is there any chance it could just be taking awhile? when I plug into iTunes it says "your contacts are syncing over the air" but nothing has happened in the last two hours. When I got the phone brand new it was fairly instant once I loaded my account info. All my contacts are showing up on my macbook under "iCloud" in the address book they are just not making it to my phone. I already did a hard reset as well.
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    the contacts take about 30 seconds to fully sync to the phone OTA through icloud. my guess is you had some contacts saved locally on the phone, and others in icloud. when you wiped the phone and set it up as new, you permanently lost the ones saved on the device, and only those in icloud returned upon logging in with your apple ID. go to and look at your contacts. see where the discrepancies may be and fix them accordingly.
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    No, they were all iCloud contacts. They are all listed in the iCloud online and they are in my address book on my MacBook (which I never put addresses into manually). They are all also on my iPad.

    I had also chose which apps to put on my phone from iTunes on my MacBook, because it seemed easier to do it that way since my phone was already plugged into the MacBook. It downloaded old versions of the apps (old icons and everything) and then the App Store on my phone said all apps were up to date!

    So, I did a restore from iTunes. It seems to have helped. My apps are back to normal, my contacts are all back... I think something just got messed up at the apple store. Even the set up after the restore had far more steps than when I got it home from the apple store two hours before.

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