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    Hi all

    A number of the schools I work at are starting to purchase iPads and we are using Meraki as a deployment tool. The issue with this is is that as soon as we start deploying the devices the Internet grinds to a halt as the devices are trying to download the apps.

    I am aware of the Content Caching service built into OSX Server however I am not sure how it is setup/configured to work on a specific range of addresses.

    I'll give you an example of a typical setup in one of our schools.

    The school has a range of 4 IP Addresses (i.e. - These addresses have been split up as follows: are for curriculum and admin machines using DHCP has been designated the Mobile Device range and uses reservations to ensure that only the iPads sit on this range. is our Infrastructure range. This covers servers, switches, printers, AP's and other such items.

    In this scenario, the Mac running the server App would sit on the Infrastructure range and provide the content for devices on the Mobile range. Is this possible and if so how do I configure the server app to make the content available for just a specified range of addresses?
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    Make sure the Mac server providing caching services is on the same subnet.

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