Contents of applications folder start to delete themselves.

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    Jan 10, 2012
    I hope I got the right forum here...

    I have this really annoying folder in the trash that wont empty with the rest of the trash. I was trying to sudo delete it in Terminal, when, bam, my applications folder deletes itself. I force quit terminal as quickly as I can, force shut down my computer (10.7.2, 2010 MacBook). I open it back up to find a few apps which I hope I saved from deletion and restored the rest with my time machine backup. My only problem is:

    How did this happen?
    Is it still happening?
    If so, how do I stop it from happening?

    I am fairly experienced with a mac and using terminal (Hell, I coded an app using entirely shell script and automator GUI) and am _assuming_ that Nothing should come of it and I should receive my apps folder back.

    Oh, and Apple, thanks for putting finder in a hard-to-delete spot.

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    Post the exact Terminal sudo command-line you used. Copy and paste it, if possible, rather than typing it in again.

    When you ls -laO the trash, post the actual Terminal output, showing the problematic file. And in case it's not obvious to us which file is problematic, tell us exactly which file it is.

    Nothing deletes itself, so it must have been something you did. Without telling us exactly what you did, there's no way to answer any of the questions you posed.

    And it probably wouldn't hurt to run Disk and perform a Verify Disk on your boot volume, just in case there might be some file-system damage from your hasty shutdown.

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