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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by RamGuy, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Jun 7, 2011
    I just got my girlfriend a iPad 4th Gen today and the first thing she tries to do is grab some of her favourite games from her iPhone 5 through the "purchase" part of App Store (with the iCloud icon) and start enjoying her games on the larger display.

    I honestly thought this would prove to be easy as pie due to how integrated Apple makes everything towards iCloud, like whenever I feel the need for restoring my iPhone, or perhaps I lost my iPhone, I break my iPhone or simply get myself another iPhone, a new iPhone or whatever I'm always able to get all my apps and everything from iCloud and 99% of all apps and whatnot will have all my latest settings and everything is all peachy.

    So here I thought it would be just as easy for my girlfriend to simply grab her games off the App Store as they show the little "iCloud icon" which I thought meant it had save states it would grab from iCloud meaning the app / game would not start fresh but rather start from wherever you wore the last time iCloud snatch your saved state data.

    This is clearly not the case, at least not with games going from a iPhone to a iPad. None of the games she has tried to download thus far has remember any of her progress from her iPhone, some games even requires specific logins and even though she uses the exact same login as on her iPhone she still needs to go through each and every tutorial and whatnot. I had a feeling this might be the case for iPad specific "HD" version of games, as they aren't truly identical to their iPhone counterparts but here we are taking the exact same games, downloaded using the "purchased" part of App Store.

    Are we doing something wrong here, or isn't Apple utilising iCloud in such a way that costumers can actually move between iOS devices keeping their saved state synchronised between devices? This seems like a very awkward thing for Apple to miss out on as they are very focused on the whole "integrated experience", emphasising on how seamless their ecosystem and flow between devices are put together, this is supposedly the strongest part about Apple devices altogether so how come you can't jump between an iPhone and a iPad while playing games or doing other things without the need for having to separate progressions?

    The most ironic part is how some of my girlfriend games won't allow her to use her existing game account as it's already been used to create a game world on a iOS devices, forcing her to actually go ahead and create a whole new, separate account for the game just to be able to start all over on her iPad. Some games doesn't even recognise her in-game app purchases, which seems quite harsh but it might be to just milk out as many pennies as they possible can?
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    The cloud icon with the arrow just means you own the app and can re-download it for free..

    The game state and scores will sync automatically if the developer has added that in, via icloud sync or other mechanism like DropBox or an account via the developer's infrastructure . It also seems like your gf is trying register a new account, when she should be looking for a login button.

    To actually copy the stuff from one device to another, you could restore the iPad using the iPhone backup (I wouldn't recommend it). Best to use a program that could manipulate backups or files on your devices. I use PhoneView on the Mac to copy the documents from, say angry Birds on my iPhone to the computer, then to the other device.

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