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Oct 30, 2012
Is anyone able to send and receive SMS texts using continuity in either Yosemite (beta) or iOS?

Continuity features in general are working for me somewhat (it can be buggy). For example I can:

1. Receive calls from non-Apple numbers on iPad Mini (ios8) and Macbook (Yosemite)
2. Initiate calls to non-Apple numbers on iPad Mini and Macbook
3. Enable Instant Hotspot from iPad Mini and Macbook
4. Handoff functionality is also working

However I cannot send or receive SMS messages using iMessage. I am limited to iMessage users only. If I try and send an SMS to a non-iMessage user it highlights in red and then says that the number is not registered with iMessage.

I thought continuity functionality extended to SMS in iMessage?


Never mind found my own answer. Not enabled by Apple yet.


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Aug 30, 2008
Costa Rica
AFAIK, the SMS Relay feature was disabled by Apple a couple of days after iOS 8 went public. The Phone Relay OTOH is working correctly as of today (for me at least).


Oct 13, 2010
A few days before the public iOS 8 launch Apple removed the ability to text non Apple devices (SMS) from the Mac Messages app. Be patient, it will be back soon.
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