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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SHirsch999, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Apr 19, 2011
    Hi everybody. I am new to the world of smartphones. I do not have 1 yet, and I am planning on waiting until the iPhone 5 comes out. I am planning on getting 1 with the works so to speak. However, my wife wants to get 1 without a data plan, basically getting it to take advantage of the other features. Is this possible? If I buy a phone from an apple store in the local mall or from someone selling a phone, then bring it into an ATT or Verizon store, am I required to get a calling plan plus a data plan? Or can I decide to just get a calling plan? Are there any phones from other manufacturers that offer this? Thanks!
    - Scott
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    Mar 3, 2008
    Both At&t and VZW will force you to buy a data plan. At&t will allow you to opt for a $15 200MB plan. That's what I have 'cuz I'm in range of wifi all day long. VZW will require you to get a $30 unlimited plan. I have only once had a smartphone without a data plan. It was an old Treo 650 and I blocked data so I wouldn't get a million dollar bill because no data plan really means pay as you go. PAYG data typically is priced in cents per megabyte or cents per kilobyte. You can rack up a huge surprise in no time at all. I wouldn't want a smartphone without a data plan unless it also had data blocked.

    I had a BB on Verizon and paid $30 a month for unlimited data but hardly went over 6 Meg a month with push email. I want tiered data and an unlimited option to be available on all carriers but sadly it may never happen and the FCC seems to be asleep when it comes to regulation. Remember how the FCC was "investigating" ETF fees back when the fees were only $175. Now the fees are a staggering $350 and the FCC is still "investigating". What a joke.
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    The only way to avoid the data plan is to use pay as you go. Otherwise, the carrier can detect the phone and will put the corresponding data plan.
    Why doesn't your wife get an ipod touch?

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