Control Centre Bug?

Scott M

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Nov 25, 2009
Milton Keynes
Basically, I swiped up for the control centre and saw that it had a Facebook video paused. I then went into multitasking and closed the video, and opened up the control centre again and it just said "Facebook". Even though there no video open anywhere, nor was Facebook open.

I proceeded to try out a song on the Music app, and stopped it, closed the Music app and opened the control centre and it now says "Music". Even though the Music app is closed.

Tried it with a video too, and after closing it, etc, it says "Video".

On iOS7.0.4, this space would just be blank when nothing was open.

Not only this, but the song I tried out, and the video I tried out are now both stuck in the Music/Video Apps, even though I have now turned "show all music" and "show all videos" OFF in the settings (I turned these on to get some songs/videos up to try this out, normally my Music and Video apps are empty).

Some pictures:

The control centre, after playing a song in the Music app, and then closing the app.

Proof that the "show music/videos" options are selected as off.

Yet, the song/video I played to try out this bug are now stuck in the Video/Music apps even though they shouldn't be there, as I turned it off.

Can anyone else replicate this issue, or is it just me? :mad:

I prefer my control centre to be clean looking, now it has "Music" sprawled across it when there's no Music app even open.


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Dec 2, 2013
Its not a bug. Its showing the last app that used the media controls. If you press that music button in control center it will open the music app. Its a new feature

The Doctor11

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Dec 15, 2013
New York
I noticed that right away. I dont mind it saying music but it bothers me when I'm done with a video or something it will say safari.