Control Mac from PC (lots of obstacles)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by yoyo5280, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Unfortunatly my school only has one mac(even though half the school uses mac). ONE!

    Anyways I hate windows, and can not use it. When asked to make a powerpoint even I just kinda look at Office and go "huh".

    I want to be able to control my mac from the school laptops but here are some things that may make it harder:

    I want it cheap/free please
    I want to use little software (I can't instal some software on the school computers, though I do save some on my network drive)
    I want it to be quick,secure and easy please!
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    You'll need a cross platform VNC software, and also to speak to the IT guys of your college to see if it's possible (cannot say with the info you gave) and ask them to (eventually) open ports and assign you an IP.
    I don't think they will be too taken by the idea, to be honest, but you can ask.
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    Something like LogMeIn (free) might work for you.

    Install the client on your Mac, then just go to the website a login from any PC.

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