Control your iPhone from ANYWHERE it goes

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    thats right guys, I am the first as far I as I can tell to figure this one out

    We can all SSH and VNC to our phones using openSSH and Veency via WiFi or WiFi device (in some cases a cable)...

    But what I am here to present is a command via the within the jailbroken iphone that can created a REVERSE SSH connection using the 3G internet (Edge not tested).

    Here is what you will need to control your iPhone no matter where it goes (stolen or not):

    Jailbroken iPhone with cydia
    OpenSSH installed on phone
    Veency (now with passwords)
    Mobile installed on phone
    An SSH server running on the computer/device you want to use to remotely access your iPhone (preferably on a port other than 22 for security and other reasons)
    Forward a port (or DMZ) to your local IP and SSH port (only if using a router)

    Once you have all those things...

    open within iPhone, login to root using alpine as the password (change later using passwd command) NOTE: you may also use mobile user name with same alpine password). You can do this by typing "login root", enter, then "alpine" as the password.

    If you are logged in as root type the following ignoring the ( ) 's and placing the correct characters in place of them:

    ssh -p (SSHPORT#) (User\ Name)@(Domain/IP of SSH computer) -R 1201:localhost:22

    or for background command

    ssh -p (SSHPORT#) (User\ Name)@(Domain/IP of SSH computer) -f -N -R 1201:localhost:22

    OR for VNC access (full control of your stolen/lost iPhone)

    ssh -p (SSHPORT#) (User\ Name)@(Domain/IP of SSH computer) -R 1201:localhost:5900

    or background command:

    ssh -p (SSHPORT#) (User\ Name)@(Domain/IP of SSH computer) -f -N -R 1201:localhost:5900

    NOTE: you can change the 1201 port to anything you prefer, make sure to change in further steps...

    Once it connects, you will have to type "yes" for the first time connecting, type your password for your computer... If you see you are now logged into your home computer via your iPhone, you can close the terminal via the home button (you do not need to run backgrounder for the terminal to stay connected) and continue to the next steps..

    That command above forwarded the iPhone's SSH protocol/port to your localhost's computer's port, allowing you to login to the iPhone's SSH server by entering the following into your Mac/PC's Terminal CLI:

    ssh -p 1201 root@localhost

    or for VNC now go into your VNC client of choice and enter this information:

    server: localhost (or you can type
    port: 1201 (or watever port you put earlier to tunnel from)
    password: (I have herd you can put anything, no PW settings for Veency yet)

    vwalla, you have now connected to your iPhone's SSH server via its own SSH IP within a reverse tunnel...this method can be used to bypass any routers or firewalls set up by ATT

    This same method can be used once VEENCY is installed using port 1202:localhost:5900 ... meaning!!!

    YOU CAN CONNECT TO YOUR iPHONE's VNC and SSH server no matter where it goes, as long as you run an SSH server from your home (or other) computer!!!

    am i the first to see this?

    Questions for smart people =)

    1) Is there a way for me to add this reverse command to my iPhone's startup? this would allow me to always connect to it even if the thief turns it off and then on.

    2) Would this command work if they changed the sim card after stealing my phone?

    3) This command may need to be ran every time the 3G IP changes, but as far as I can tell, SSH tunnels stay open even if the user turns off 3G and then turns it back on, as long as the IP is the same and the source is the same... IS THERE ANYTHING ELS WE CAN DO WITH THIS SSH Reverse Tunnel via 3G internet?

    4) almost forgot... Is there anyway to do a reverse Proxy command from the iPhone Terminal... basically tethering my IP via my home computers internet... example:

    ssh user@homecomputer -D 9999 ---this works but i need the opposite direction

    i have tried things like ssh user@homecomputer -RD 9999 with no luck.. any ideas? I know there are other ways to tether your internet that involve connecting to a device via WiFi... but thats too easy =P

    please correct me if im wrong... but this opens up new doors to the iPhone's 3G network and iPhone capabilities!

    Leave a comment if you have any defiant answers or questions, otherwise, if you are feeling special, email me at with any questions or answers to my genius idea... or if you want to claim doing it before me =)

    UPDATE: it seems if im connected to 3G then i swap to WiFi, the existing tunnel remains, but I am unable to connect. ONCE I SWITCH BACK, WITHOUT RE-EXECUTING THE COMMAND, the tunnel is still connected and allows remote access. So I tried the other way, WiFi first, execute, then switched to 3G and then activated Wifi again, Tunnel remained!! interesting!! but if the source changes and doesnt return to the IP of the original "command giver's" IP address, the command will need to be executed again:

    Seems this is something that an hourly process can fix... the process could run every hour, or somehow know when the internet source changes, whether it be to wifi, 3g or edge... Before the tunnel is re-created, the old "tunnel" would have to be closed via terminal/command, assuming you CANT use the same port to forward to (1201 in this case) while the localhost still sees it as connected. An hourly process would not be battery consuming and would allow for higher chances of getting phone back. NOTE: This will have to use a NoPassword DSA/RSA key, iphone supports all bits. DSA is known to be safer and has "never" been "cracked" =P

    For those setting up an SSH server on Windows Operating Systems:

    When you install Cygwin, make sure to follow their instructions, you must install it with its own directory, and make sure you have installed the correct SSH packets required to run an ssh server within cygwin... here is a good link for step-by-step Cygwin installation:

    OR (older version)

    WHEN you have problems or differences WITH THE ABOVE INSTALLATION RULES, read these posts:

    If you have completed that, and you are having troubles, contact me via email

    UPDATE: Veency now has a password implication within the "preferences", so now all we need is to automate reverse ssh commands at iphone bootup and change of IP.
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    Nov 27, 2008
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
    well done. You must have a lot of time on your hands :rolleyes:

    Not to put a downer on the whole thing but why would you want to do this? If its stolen then its gone! Very slim chance you will get it back and if they have some common sense then they would wipe it and start frest pritty quickly??

    Everything thats on your phone is on your pc/mac and synced so its not like you dont have access to it in the first place if your at your pc? :confused:

    Just curious thats all :rolleyes:

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    Mar 17, 2009
    I dont have too much time lol =), but i am very familiar with SSH connections do to my ITT network degree =P

    Are you kidding? you could wipe your phone clean with this feature!! if someone steals your iPhone, they have access to your email/contacts/notes/apps and much more!! with this feature you could login to your iPhone and wipe it clean and or check GPS location via the Maps function... meaning, if you loose your iphone, YOU CAN KNOW WHERE IT IS!!!

    Not to mention my iphone actually has remote access to my home computer via SSH/VNC tunnel, and the password is saved within Jaadu (that reminds me, anyone know of a cydia app that will do the same as jaadu?). So i definitely want to know where it is via GPS or wipe it clean... But if you read my post, I was also asking if the person simply switched the sims if the command would still work.. and i think they answer is yes, so its probable this feature could have saved some peoples lives =P

    Of course the most common thief would probably turn it off or take out sim, they may wait untill they get to the saftey of their house to do so... so if you install a wiper app and this command is executed at every bootup, then you can get find your phone and/or wipe it clean... i dunno about you, but i have allot on my iphone that i dont want other people to see...

    Plus, this feature should open up new concepts for running servers behind the 3G restricted firewall... cheers!
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    Jun 20, 2007
    Apple already beat you to it:

    You can track it on a map, wipe it remotely, send messages to it if it has a lock code, etc. :)
  5. hchavarria macrumors 6502

    Oct 8, 2008
    And it also costs $99 a year for this feature. Great find, I never thought about using SSH this way.
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    Jun 20, 2007
    Yes it does, but you can track it on a map and send message alerts to the device, both of which you cannot do with SSH. Not to mention the Push email, 20GB storage space, web hosting, etc that adds to MobileMe's value. :)

    However, I suppose if you want something "quick and dirty" and cheaper, then this should work for some folks.
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    Mar 17, 2009
    ok, bytethese, lets get something strait... you obviously know nothing about SSH or CLI or VNC... so please do some research before posting childish comments... so if you want to track the thief's location, you use VNC to open "maps", click the pretty little blue button and BAM! was that hard? SSH can delete files, send protocols like VNC for full access, including activating a WIPE app, and TYPING ANY MESSAGE YOU WANT TO THE thief... In fact, Im positive with JUST SSH CLI on my iPhone, I can do more than mobile me ever could using a bunch of random servers... people... dont listen to bytethese anymore... i have lost respect for him in a matter of 2

    as far as the push email... this is free with a gmail or yahoo account (one is fetch but big wup), and the 20gb of space?! r u kidding? flash drives people... why would you want your personal data on an external server unless its for a business... "web hosting" lol, what do you know about web hosting friend? host your own server or find a FREE one and use apache (free)... Mac = Unix, Unix kinda ='s Linux, Linux = Free, OPEN SOURCE BSD!! why would anyone pay to do things unless they dont know how to do them by themselves... which is easy to learn...

    srry for the rant... but people who advertise that kind of proprietary crap (mobile me) bugz the hell out of me!

    LOL, "cheaper"?!? try FREE! lol... "dirty" lol... dirty is using some feature that relys on 3rd party servers and applications to work... this is a brute server set up by YOU and YOUR computer, no one els is involved... this is the only "clean" method of doing this... dont hate because u didnt think of it... or dont understand how it works... =P

    this is brilliant people!!!

    Lets get it known so that an app can be designed based on this technology to boot up with the iphone and create the tunnel every time its turned on...

    PS: I beleive if the tunnel is not in use it will not drain the battery (which already is weak) =P
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    Jun 20, 2007
    Excuse me? I'm simply pointing out that MobileMe already does this and does it well. Not sure how that is childish but ok.

    So in your example, the thief sees what you are doing on the phone while they try to use it? So they turn it off and format before they get home. Apple's way, thief doesn't know you are tracking them unless you send them a message alert stating so.

    You don't have to listen to me, I'm just a grad student in Forensic Computing specializing in iPhone forensics and have been around these formus for a few years. Listen to whomever you like. *shrugs*

    You are barking up the wrong tree my friend. I own several .com's and know how to host a page on a home box. It was too time consuming to keep up with. Unless of course you do not check your logs, know what you are doing, etc. I can't run a website off a flash drive there so that's where the 20GB comes from...

    You also have it backwards, Linux kinda = Unix. BSD is a Unix kernel, not a Linux kernel. Mac is built on BSD.

    Sorry for the rant, but people who know not what they speak of annoy the ever living crap out of me. :) Can an app be created? Sure, possibly someone will and I'd definitely check it out if available.
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    Mar 17, 2009

    OK, what you SAID was "both of which you cannot do with SSH." which you can do with SSH using any protocol of your choice... your statement clearly implied that this method could NOT do what MobileMe could do... this is incorrect, so i corrected you... just take it like a champ... reply with maybe something like "what I meant to say" or "what I should have said" and then continue with the fact that one costs money, and one is free...

    lol, i dont care how much u know about servers, if you think you need to pay 100 bux a year for 20 gb of webspace than go right ahead... lol... as long as you know your previous post said something that was not true about the given method... lol... what i care about is people who try to promote a product when it can be done for free...
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    Jun 20, 2007
    Correct, and you cannot. The method you described differs in implementation. :)
  11. michaelwithe21 thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 17, 2009
    NO it doesnt... are u fricken insane?

    SSH Protocol allows for the two things you stated... send a message (via more means than mobile me can) and use a SSH tunnel of a new protocol within the SAME tunnel to access the screen... which MOBILE ME cannot do... give it up bro, its ok, u were wrong, i wont tell anyone els lol...

    plus you can wipe only the files you want to wipe clean... when mobile me requires full wipe... i dunno how that would be useful but hey, its more control...

    Go ahead and keep buying applecare for support and mobile me for remote login... spending money on features that are less secure due to their nature... like people using MobileMe fore remote login to their computers... when you could simply host an SSH server and allow access for VNC only from localhost also of course changing default ports for both protocols and only forwarding those TCP to those non-default ports... running a firewall and allowing only certain IP's and IP ranges... obviously one is more time consuming, but once implemented, its safer and more reliable... and I dont think there is much debate over that.

    But ya know what, if time is what your concerned about (which you mentioned earlier) then why even jailbreak your iPhone? just pay for all your apps and just pay for everything... including the breath your wasting...
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    Jun 20, 2007
    *sigh* You must be a teenager or not a native English speaker. if it's the later, I apologize.

    Yes, your idea is different. Like I said, the thief would see you moving things around and changing menus on your iPhone phone when you connected via VNC (which you may not even be able to do since AT&T may block inbound VNC requests anyway). Speaking of secure, you know that VNC is not encrypted correct?

    It's ok to be wrong, you are young and we will understand. As for only erasing a few files, trust me, you want to delete everything. I'm assuming you've never performed a live forensic recovery on the iPhone's file system and recovered deleted files? You do know that the iPhone takes a screenshot when you close apps correct? Thus is you just happened to log into your bank account, I could recover those .jpg's and piece together information. But I also assume you know that the keyboard cache can be recovered as well and that I could potentially have usernames and passwords to use combined with that data I just pieced together.

    Please don't assume other items as well, it only makes an ass out of you. :) I have never purchased AppleCare nor would I ever need it. If I needed it, I wouldn't have much of a job presently.

    Why would I jailbreak my phone? Many reasons, some of which seemed to have been lost on you. You need to jailbreak to forensically analyze the device for one. Another is to theme my phone and make custom sounds/tones. But hey, to each their own.

    Is your idea a good one? Sure! Is your logic sound? Hardly.
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    Mar 17, 2009
    dude... ur retarded... i tested it... of course it blocks VNC and any other ports like SSH or anything... THATS WHY YOU CREATE THE REVERSE TUNNEL, thats why this idea is so brilliant... ur just lonely i guess and want to debate it... TESTED IT AND WORKS FINE...

    o ya, and of course the theif will see you clicking... but the odds that its not in his pocket are slim... but keep coming up with comments that dont relate to the true ability of this connection... and other protocols which this reverse connection could take advatage of... of course you will have to jailbreak your phone (u know what that is right? lol) so that you can download and run a VNC server... this means you could RUN ANY SERVER YOU WANT as long as you tunnel to the remote computer before trying to connect to the computers localhost...

    LOL OF course VNC is not encrypted you retard!! THATS WHY YOU FORWARD THROUGH THE SSH TUNNEL SO IT IS ENCRYPTED... have u ever used a network before? DO SOME RESEARCH... my LOGIC IS TESTED AND IT WORKS... YOUR MAKING comments that do not relate to the original statement.. which was... you saw no need to do this because mobileme allready does it, and then claimed that this method does not work... IT IS SECURE, IT IS ENCRYPTED.. god ANYTHING YOU PUT THROUGH AN SSH TUNNEL GETS ENCRYPTED... in fact, i use private keys with PW so my buddies can connect if the need to (dont like giving out my pw)..

    I do know alot about networks, you obviously might know more about ferenzics and spelling... but other than that, it seems your knowledge of the way SSH/tunnels/firewalls/networks work is minimal... so please feel free to do some research after u embarrass yourself

    I SAID IN MY COMMENT... that you COULD individually delete files you wanted to get rid of... I continued to say that this shows more control but is not necessarily what you would want to do... but keep correcting my spelling... at least you can pretend to know one language

    as for jailbreaking the iphone... there are many reasons, yes, but my "joke" referred to the fact you like to save time and are willing to pay for stupid crap that can be done manually... but keep it up! i love talking about stuff that has nothing to do with the original point.

    but ya know what, keep drifting from the original point... which was that you claim my method cannot work and does not have the capability of messaging/finding location/wiping clean... which you can still admit was incorrect... o no, you cant, because your one of those people who just doesn't care what other people think... and im proud of you, you have grown into a being who can make himself believe lies, even if the evidence is right in front of his face... i wish i could do that!

    I am not trying to be smart, im trying to provide correct information to the people reading this breakthrough in 3G ability... but please feel free to think its an attack at your intelligence... THIS METHOD WORKS PEOPLE, AND ITS FREE, AND ITS SAFE, O YA, DID I MENTION FREE

    OK, i need to be clear, this method works, and is tested, this guy is sending me Private messages stating cannot create these connections and that it is impossible... but please dont take my word for it... set up a quick ssh server on your computer, and try it out for yourself... this opens new doors for servers being actually ran on the iPhone's 3G network no matter where it goes...

    PS: see this thread about why the iPhone takes screen shots without user's consent every time the home button is hit the home button, NOT when you "close apps"... for no other reason other than to use the fade effect... and my way does support wiping those cache as well... retard
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    Jun 20, 2007
    It's at this point in the "conversation" that I recommend the following information:
  15. michaelwithe21 thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 17, 2009
    agreed... but please do not comment on this method "not working" or "not worth it" if you have not tested it even if you think you know... please and thank you...

    if anyone needs help setting this up let me know, otherwise, please someone who has connections tell someone special about this to make an app for even the most novice of a user to use... if that made any sense.

    NOTE: The way people should login to their computers includes one forwarded port (if you have a router) to a non-default SSH port/server. Once this is set, you can now launch any VNC server application (system preferably) on a non-default port. DO NOT FORWARD THE VNC PORT, VNC IS NOT ENCRYPTED, so you will need to tunnel the VNC port through your SSH when connecting to it... then use your non-hosted (remote) computer to create the tunnel within terminal (or putty or watever) and forward your VNC port to any LOCALHOST port ex: 1201: This method is the same used in this demonstration, except it is being reversed, allowing only the connected SSH server to have access to any of the forwarded iPhone ports... Reverse SSH tunnels have been used for a very long time to bypass a routers/firewalls, this includes the iPhone's 3G network and or routing system... like if ya wanted to help a friend or sibling (by remote control) that doesn't know what a router is =P, just have them enter that reverse command in the terminal with your IP/Username/port/password/key... unless your the guy above me, in which case just give up, because he likes to believe fictional things like star wars... i feel his pain...

    That reminds me, does anyone know how to change the default listening ports for SSH (openSSH) or VNC (Veency) on the iPhone?

    NOTE2: o ya, and you can use the terminal to connect to an ssh and forward you VNC connection on your home computer to your iphone's localhost (just tested)... so ya dont have to purchase Jaadu to have SSH/VNC compatibility... instead just save the command within genius!
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    Apr 12, 2008
    Wow. Has the OP forgotten to take his medicine today?
  17. michaelwithe21 thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 17, 2009
    only way i could think up this junk... lol
  18. michaelwithe21 thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 17, 2009

    Some sites that may help me understand how to add a command or app to iPhone bootup:

    IF anyone thinks they know enough about scripting (all i know is do shell script ""lol) to tap on this please feel free to post or email me


    I am going to test it via switching from Edge to 3G and back, if the tunnel stays connected during session and after the switch (IP's are different)... than it should only be run once, and if the user wishes to attempt a new connection, it should be sourced by a different port than the original (in this case its 1201,1202, and so on..). NOTE: Ports under 1200 (guessing) requires root privileges from the server's end, and require a vulnerability to use. IE... dont use anything below =).

    I have written a script for the iPhone that can be ran with a SSH no-password dsa key. Without keys, the iPhone holder would be prompted for SSH password every time the iPhone was launched. An app called can generate public keys already...

    I have always used: do shell script commands for everything i needed. this script was tested on a mac assuming a flash drive named "secure" contains a dsa key, and that key is copied into the ~/.ssh folder.


    Ignore the ( )s and replace the entire object.


    -p (sshListening#) (User\ Name)@(RemoteComputersshIP/Domain)

    should look like:

    -p 3000 John\ Doe@

    NOTICE THE \, use it if you have a space in your user name (Admin's):

    Start Script----

    do shell script "mkdir -p ~/.ssh"
    do shell script "cp -r /volumes/id_dsa ~/.ssh"
    do shell script "chmod 700 ~/.ssh"
    do shell script "chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_dsa"
    do shell script "ssh -p (sshListening#) (User\ Name)@(RemoteComputersshIP/Domain) -f -N -R 1201:localhost:5900 &> /dev/null &"
    do shell script "ssh -p (sshListening#) (User\ Name)@(RemoteComputersshIP/Domain) -f -N -R 1202:localhost:22 &> /dev/null &"
    do shell script "ssh -p (sshListening#) (User\ Name)@(RemoteComputersshIP/Domain) -f -N -R 1203:localhost:548 &> /dev/null &"

    End Script-----

    for those curious:
    the -f runs in the background or something =P
    the -N does something with not showing the terminal while running the shell command or something
    the &> /dev/null &" was the only way i could get No Password keys to work with a script without prompting.

    This same script can be saved as a .app (bundle so as to hold the keys generated) or a .command within applescrit... so can you guys make an app with just this script? ie. put it into the boot up some how of the iphone!!!

    I usually use the startup folders and launch daemons for my mac to add a .command file or an .app to the startup with the right chmod's... i hope the iphone has something similar.

    almost there... i still need help!! email me
  19. Lintrix macrumors member

    Jul 10, 2009
    I'm getting:
    "Warning: remote port forwarding failed for listen port 1201"

    (after i have successfully logged on SSH to my desktop)
  20. jdmstar macrumors member

    Sep 4, 2008
    Im deff subscribing.

    Yes mobile me is 99 a year which sucks balls but if your able to remotely control it.

    You can find out where its located.

    Therre are a few programs plus you can always use the maps app, then click the blue GPS to pinpoint where your at and viola you know where your phone is.
  21. kAoTiX macrumors 6502


    Oct 14, 2008
    Midlands, UK
    Correct me if I'm wrong but surely SSH/Veency/MobileMe cannot work if the phone is on standby?
    The whole point in knowing where your phone is.

    Also lol @ this entire thread.

    Good info though, I used Veency for a short period but found it waaay to slow.
  22. gr8whtd0pe macrumors 6502a


    Feb 21, 2008
    Belle, WV
    Not to mention you have to have a signal for either to work, right?

    So assuming the thief doesn't just pull out the sim card, disable the find a phone in settings, or ya know with AT&T go inside somewhere, then this would work. right? :D
  23. michaelwithe21 thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 17, 2009
    NOTE: make sure to run your computer SSH server on something other than 22 (because this is the port you are forwarding from the iPhone) ie. I dont think you can forward you SSH port if its what is being used for the tunnel... Ex. ssh -p 22 User@IP -R 1201:localhost:22 THE -p 22 SHOULD NOT BE USED, see this method of changing your SSH listening port for Mac OSX, if you are using Cygwin and i can let you know how to change as well:

    If you feel your server is running up to par (see above), its probably caused by Veency or Open_ssh not running (or not running properly) on the iPhone... So restart both computer and iPhone, make sure Veency and open_ssh is installed properly (reinstall and restart)... Then try the commands one more time... (make sure to turn off auto-lock)

    Were you trying to forward 5900 (VNC) or 22 (SSH)? NOTE: Do not use for lcoalhost, use "localhost".


    -R 1201:localhost:5900
    -R 1202:localhost:22

    As for the other comments, your right, you cannot ssh into your iphone while it is "locked", but there are applications that will bypass this feature and allow you to still lock your phone while the OUTGOING ssh connection is still maintained... which will further more allow the VNC to connect via the reverse tunnel.

    As far as I know, MobileMe does not support "controlling" your iPhone in the way that Veency allows... but has many other features that may benefit a lazy person =P.

    Also, I realize that Veency CURRENTLY prompts users before the VNC connection through the tunnel can be established. But I believe that this is ONLY because it does not currently support passwords... as soon as saurik gets around to it... it should no longer be required, just like open_ssh

    So im assuming this app would bypass the ssh sleep feature (somehow), and allow the user to unlock the screen via the VNC session.
  24. Lintrix macrumors member

    Jul 10, 2009
    Thanks for your reply! I am very interested in trying to get this in working order. I'm actually running a FreeSSHd on my Windows XP. I have the listening port set to 23. I am logging onto my desktop with no problems, except for this error: ""Warning: remote port forwarding failed for listen port 1201""

    The command I used on my MobileTerminal is:
    ssh -p 23 lintrix@***.***.***.*** -R 1201:localhost:22 (*** representing my home IP address)

    I am only trying to reverse tunnel SSH and not VNC yet (since Saurik's VNC program isn't working so hot with the 3GS)

    Not sure why my phone is having trouble setting up a forwarding.
  25. michaelwithe21 thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 17, 2009
    First, change your listening port (ssh) to something above 1201 like 5000, this will allow non-root administration.

    Ok, well I would prefer if you ran a Unix system ie mac linux... but if you cant... please learn/run cygwin (which is a full cli interface)

    The problem with windows, is the loopback adapter needs to be created first before you can "tunnel" anything... i will try to provide links that influenced me in the right direction to do this:

    You will have to sift through everything and make sure to do your own google research regarding "SSH" and "Windows loopback adapter"

    Windows = winblows =P

    If you believe you have properly created a loopback adapter for localhost (which may not be and still are having problems, contact me via

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