Controlling a Mac using a PC!

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    Well many have asked if they can use there MAc OSX computer in their PC (kind of like Boot Camp for a Mac!) Well this is the tutorial you need.

    Programs: Vine Server (Mac) Free Software
    VNC Viewer (PC) Free Software

    *1* Start by downloading Vine Server on your Mac. Drag the application in to your Apps folder. Once there, boot it up! You will see two IP's:
    -An internal (usually 192.168.1.XXX)
    -An external (keep private!)

    If you are going to use the remote desktop on a local network, use the internal. If you are going to use it externally, you will need the external(forwarding ports will be needed if you are connecting to a router or DSL modem)Use to help you forward your ports to work with RealVNC.

    *2* Then download VNCViewer for a PC/Linux computer. Once downloaded enter the IP you are connection by. If you set a password earlier, it will ask you to type that in. Once you do that, your MAc screen should pop up on your PC in a window. Some compters may lag with this, but using your Mac on a PC is Mac-tastic!

    Written by Ian Loomis
    Cinema Modern Corporation

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