Controlling Volume on ATV4?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by oddy9999, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. oddy9999 macrumors newbie

    Nov 9, 2015
    OK I have connected my ATV4 to my Vizio TV through an HDMI input. I have the Bose sound system connected to the Vizio TV though an optical cable since the Bose has no HDMI inputs. My Vizio TV supports ARC. I have the Vizio TV speakers off.

    THE SIRI REMOTE THAT CAME WITH THE APPLE TV DOES NOT CONTROL THE VOLUME. The bar on the screen moves but volume does not change. Surely the ATV4 should be able to make the volume louder and softer??? When my computer is air-playing music the volume changes when I adjust it through iTunes.

    I should be able to leave the receiver volume constant and change the volume using the ATV4, right? It is a computer after all just like my Mac and should let the volume go up and down just like the Mac does with iTunes.

    Please give me your input, it's driving me crazy.

    On a separate note the Vizio TV turns ON with the ATV4 but not off when ATV4 is sleeping... Minor issue but if anyone knows a solution it would be helpful.
  2. kelub macrumors regular

    Jun 15, 2010
    Was your TV able to control the volume of the Bose system beforehand? If so, then I could see there being an expectation that the TV volume controls (which is what the aTV is trying to control) would modify the sound. The aTV remote won't control the speakers just through the optical though. Sounds like it's trying to turn your TV speakers up and down, which I imagine works fine if you had the TV speaker on; turn your TV speakers back on and confirm its audio is changing.

    Air playing music allows you to modify the volume of what your phone is pushing, so that has nothing to do with your speaker volume.

    I have an Onkyo receiver with a Vizio TV; the Onkyo has HDMI and everything is ran through it, with the "out" HDMI going to the TV. It works as expected.

    ...I've reread your post a few times now, and I think I see the misunderstanding. The answer is no, the volume control on the remote won't change the volume the same way airplay does. Airplay allows you to change the volume of the source, which is your phone or Mac. The remote functions to control your TV or other HDMI-connected device's physical volume. For example, on my receiver, I can actually see the volume changing on the receiver when I use the volume control. It's passing the control on to the device.

    Sleep issue: The TV should turn off when the Apple TV sleeps, but I had an issue when I first enabled the HDMI controls where I'd set the aTV to sleep, everything should shut down, then after a few seconds something would trigger it all to come back on again... I finally turned the TV off manually, allowing it to shut everything down. I assumed I'd have to do that going forward, but since then, everything has worked as expected.

    So, try turning the TV off and letting it put the aTV to sleep; wait a couple minutes, then turn the aTV on, make sure the TV comes on, wait a minute, then put the aTV to sleep again. Maybe it'll work.

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