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    A few months I converted my FLAC files to ALAC because I couldn't play FLAC on my iphone :rolleyes:, but I sold it and got myself an android phone and now I find my self not being able to play the ALAC files :rolleyes: , I have XLD installed on my mac, but I don't know which settings should I use, ehe settings it gives me are:

    Compression level: None - High ( I guess I should choose none since I don't want any loss of quality whatsoever)

    Custom apodization options (wth?? )

    Padding: 4 kb - ?? I know this has to do with the metafile data, but should I just leave it at 4 kb?


    I'd like your input on this
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    Hi from another thrread;)

    When you use Flac, the compression setting still aplies. Both none and high are lossless, the difference is in file size. Very high settting results in smaller file size (crutial with very big libraries) but it uses much more cpu power to decompress while playing. Both settings gives you lossless quality but its better to use none for mobile devices (it should not drain battery so much when playing) and high for huge desktop libraries.

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