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Sep 3, 2009
So, I don't really use any devices other than my computer to play videos, and because the .Mkv is so convenient (smaller file size with lossless quality, different audio and subtitle tracks...) I have decide to convert all my .Avi files into .Mkv to make the room I urgently need on my HDs...

I've tried iSkysoft converter which has a nice interface but is awfully slow and that I dumped immediately.

Then I tried MKVTool which has a horrible UI and isn't convenient at all to know what format or options I should choose, what output file size I will get, what time it will take to convert etc...

So I'd like to ask you: for you what is the best Avi to Mkv converted on Mac ?


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Jan 17, 2013
Just for the record, Handbrake doesn't work. It can only convert mkv to mp4. Still searching for a solution to this myself... FLV Crunch (referenced in post #4) doesn't support Lion or Mountain Lion.
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