Convert Blu-Ray/HD-DVD to ATV w/ AC3

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    I have finally found fairly easy to follow instructions to convert HD rips to a format compatible with AppleTV.

    In order to do so you still sadly need a windows installation to rip and process the movies for VisualHub to encode.

    Tools needed:

    This guide assumes you have the ripped movies on hard drive ready to encode in either m2ts (Blu-Ray) or EVO (HD-DVD) format. If you don't please look on the internet to do so as there are plenty of great guides.

    This guide is also in progress as I fine tune everything so please keep this in mind.

    HD-DVD movies come in either two flavors: Movies with H264 encodes or VC-1.

    VC-1 files need extra love because they are usually in 29.67 FPS which the ATV can only handle up to 540P. We use a tool called vc1conv to convert the 29.76 FPS 1080i file into a 23.76 FPS 1080P movie. NO LOSS WILL OCCUR since it uses flags embedded in the file to make the conversion.

    1. Use EVOdemux to split the feature.evo (Usually labeled FEATURE_1.evo) file into MPA and MPV files. Do so by making sure to only select 1 audio track and the main video track.
      Although they'll have long, complex names by default, I'm going to refer to them as movie.mpa and movie.mpv. You can delete the EVO files once they are demuxed.
    2. (ONLY NEEDED FOR VC-1 HD-DVD's). Use vc1conv to convert the MPV to a .vc1 file ("vc1conv movie.mpv movie.vc1"). You can then delete the MPV file.

      EVOdemux should tell you what type of encode the file is when you demuxed it.
    3. Use eac3to with the -libav switch to change your MPA from E-AC3 to regular AC3 ("eac3to movie.mpa movie.ac3 -libav"). You can then delete the MPA file.
    4. Open tsMuxer and add the VC1/H264 file and the AC3 soundtrack and combine them into a TS file.
    5. Close/boot out of windows and drag your new TS file into VisualHub and make sure "Go Nuts" and ATV 5.1/2.0 is selected. Then just prepare to wait a few hours for your encode.

    What results should be a MOV with AC3/AAC and a 720P movie playable on your ATV

    The steps will be similar but I am currently trying out different approaches regarding audio formats.

    Steps will be similar to what's been done
    (In progress)
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    Diode: download MakeMKV, it rips/transcodes the BR/HD DVD disc into a uncompressed .mkv file, which can then be edited with handbrake.

    simple :)

    ipodtransfer: dont spam. :mad:

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