Convert m4v in Lion 10.7? iTunes to DVD

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    Jul 26, 2011
    I have bought a movie for the first time in iTunes. Well, little did I know that you couldn't make a dvd out of it. I have a 27" I7 iMac. It has the 10.7 Lion installed. I have tried some software like wondershare and several others, and it doesn't seem to want to even recognize the movie to start the conversion process while in the 10.7 OSX. Has anyone had any lick doing this in the new Lion system?
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    If you bought a movie from iTunes, there is not a legal or maybe even not a possible way to burn it to a DVD. The movie file is encrypted in Apple's FairPlay digital rights management technology.

    If it wasn't, Hollywood would not even allow apple to sell or rent movies or TV shows.

    Blame Hollywood and their slow to adapt business models. The problem is that it easier to pirate movies to use them in any way you want, than to actually buy them.

    Hollywood 1.0 didn't learn from record industry 1.0, therefore piracy is becoming larger for films than music. At least with music from iTunes we can burn a CD. Movies to DVD, not so much.

    Movies are still locked to their ecosystems, iTunes locked to iOS and iTunes Macs and PCs, google movies locked to web browsers and android, amazon movies locked to web browsers and limited hardware devices.

    None of these services will allow your to burn a movie to a DVD. It's unfortunate when someone like yourself tries one of these services than BOOM, I can't what I wanted with a movie that cost just as much (or more) than at best buy.

    The download instant gratification and convience is overwhelmed by the frustration and inconvenience of limited playback options.

    At least you have a nice 27" screen to watch the movie.

    Also, you can burn the movie to DVD as a computer file, as backup or to move it to another Mac/PC with iTunes. It will not playback on a regular DVD player. It will also play on iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads, which can be connected to a TV. There is also the AppleTV if you have compatible hardware.
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    Space7 is spot on. But there is a program (sadly not freeware) called m4v converter plus that has no problems removing DRM from iTunes bought movies. At least it did on the older itunes and snow leopard. With Lion out last week and iTunes 10.4 out after it, Im not sure if its still compatible (might have to wait for an update) but the details should be on their webpage.

    Apart from that I dont know of any other methods. There probably are some out there though.
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    Unfortunately it doesn't remove DRM, it just records the frames of video and audio from iTunes and encodes those in to a separate file. This method is referred to as the analogue loophole. This means that you can expect a substantial hit in quality.

    Googling for "iTunes decrypters" or the like only pulls up applications which perform the exact same task. There's definitely a tool out there that can break iTunes encryption, as episodes of TV shows direct from iTunes show up from P2P groups every week, I'd really like to find out what it is.
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    As already said, there's no way to do this. People have tried everything they could think of. But, thus far, Apple and the film studios are winning the war. :(

    I'd say your best option is to get an Apple TV. I've always found that no matter how big the computer screen is, I don't fancy watching stuff on there. The room in which computer is isn't meant for watching films. Whereas the rooms with TVs have nice sofas etc. And the TV screen's bigger than my computer screen. Also, now Front Row's gone in Lion, watching films isn't really as refined I don't think on the computer.

    An Apple TV's $99, and that let's you play your iTunes library. Plus, you can stream your photos, watch Youtube and check what's on in cinemas. The new :apple:TV is really zippy as well, so no problems there. :)
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    Jul 26, 2011
    I agree, with the new releases of the OS and the new Itunes out, the software companies might have to update before it can be used again. Until then, if anyone finds something, it would be great if they would let me know.
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