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    Simple idea for moving Outlook contacts to Mac Mail/Address book:

    As a company of Mac switchers, one problem we've faced is moving contacts from Outlook (not Outlook Express) to Mac mail.

    We searched the net and then came up with this simple solution.

    (1) The Outlook addresses should show up in the Windows Address Book (WAB)

    (2) Open the Windows Address Book (Start - Programs - Accessories - Address Book)

    (3) Create a new folder on your desktop

    (4) Drag the address cards from the WAB to the folder you created - they will be in the vCard format

    (5) Copy this folder to your Mac (via a network, email, iPod, USB drive) etc

    (6) On the Mac, drag the vCards from the folder to the Address Book

    (7) You're done - only takes a few minutes.
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