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    Sep 21, 2012
    Hello folks!
    I'd like an updated opinion about conversion of pdfs to epub, maybe you guys know new software for mac or other good apps for the iPhone (or iPod) since this is still highly relevant.

    Question: I have a bunch of books in pdf formats that I would like to read on my iPhone instead of on the computerscreen.

    Problem: the pdf formats are too big to fit on the iphone screen, and the txt is too small. I have to zoom in and flick from left to write to read the text.

    Solution: ???

    So-far unsatisfying options:
    (unless you know a better way to use them???)

    calibre for mac (converting pdf to epub):
    - messes up txt completely (somehow insert line break after every 2 lines, inserts 2 "L"'s every time one "L" appears in a word (example: "examplle").. etc )
    - removes Table of contents
    - removed page breaks​

    goodreader (app for iphone to read pdfs)
    - it costs $$$ and does the excact same mess as calibre, when trying to do PDF txt-reflow, furthermore it uses a lot of time converting each page, whenever you turn the page - so this is even a worse alternative than calibre which is a free program.​

    Sigil (for mac, software to create/edit epubs)
    - Books with huge amounts of txt errors (caused by calibre) are too time consuming to edit..​
  2. Amerilia macrumors newbie

    Dec 28, 2012

    I have met the same problem with you. I have tried some software, but none of them is good, so anybody help.

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