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Jul 12, 2003
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I send PDFs all the time for work. Is there some program or some way to convert a PDF to a certain size to accomodate different email delivery restrictions? For example: If I make a PDF that is 19MB, I can send it to another gmail user, but I can't send it to someone whose email size restriction is 10MB. Is there some way to convert the PDF to 10MB in order to keep as much detail as possible? Compress PDF makes it too small and looks like garbage! There should be a program somewhere where you can dial in the output size, put in the PDF, and get that file size spit out. Thanks!


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Mar 13, 2006
Why not post it online, then link them to it on Gmail?
seems like the easiest solution.

You can use something like quickshareit or dropbox´s public folder and just send the link.

The only way i can think to have total control of the pdf size (with the built in software) would be to convert each page to a picture and select the quality/compression there and then select all the pictures and print as pdf.

You could probably use automator or applescript to do some of that work for you

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