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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by GilGrissom, Sep 30, 2005.

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    Mar 13, 2005
    I successfully converted my grandparents to Apple! I have brought them an iBook 12" for use at home for the Internet mainly. (Getting the money back though!)

    We're just waiting for broadband to be installed now so I can set up their new wireless router aswell, then they can just paddle around the tinternet on their new iBook! Thought it was the best product to get for them! Simple, easy to use and learn, and just works!

    Also managed to get an iPod mini 6Gb pink in the student union offer online, so thats a gift for the misses for our anniversary. Hopefully I'll get her shuffle for my car to save me lugging my 40Gb photo around all the time, (after all, I brought her the shuffle aswell!)

    Quite liking the fact that I now have a 12" iBook, 12" PowerBook, iPod mini and iPod photo in my room!! (while I set the new stuff up for people!) Feel very good at the minute!! :)

    I've managed to convince the other half's dad to get a mac mini when their desktop dies, as well as a friend from uni for garageband etc. I also have another friend at uni who has accepted Apples and wants an iMac G5, just can't get one at the minute, but she's converted at least! Also a third friend at uni already has an eMac and an iMac G3, but is thinking about getting an iBook now he keeps seeing my PowerBook and Tiger!

    Keep trying to get the other half to get an iBook in the future aswell as her laptop. She's accepted a mac mini for our desktop at home so far! (on the condition I can get an Apple Cinema Display with it!! :) ...
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    You deserve a commission from Apple! Or maybe five. Congratulations!

    You've reminded me of this thread from last year where we talked about seniors getting in on the Mac action. The more the merrier!
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    Mar 13, 2005
    Thanks! I just let the technology speak for itself, didn't force it upon them...answer any questions they have etc!

    That's a cool thread! Really interesting stories in it! Thanks! :)

    The iBook represents a big step for my grandparents. They are quite good with technology, but with TVs and stuff, they have the latest big TVs, DAB radios, cooker, microwave etc, but never anything like this. The iBook will bring computer usage, the tinternet and even DVDs, which they are yet to explore!

    Now all I have to do is to solve all these problems we're getting with broadband being installed, hopefully all will clear up over the weekend!

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