Converting a website to an app... (IE, Weather, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by ArtOfWarfare, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Nov 26, 2007
    Okay, I recall the Stanford iPhone programming class (Spring 2009) included a project for making a twitter app.

    I think the Winter 2010 class also had a flickr app although I haven't watched most of the videos for that.

    I did the twitter one and I remember using something called json. It would like, take information off of twitter which I could store in an array and display on an iPhone friendly table.

    I would like to do this same thing with another website (Infinite Campus... it's very difficult to navigate on the iPhone thus my desire to make the app.) I was curious how I would go about doing that. Simply appending .json to the end of the various URLs for the website doesn't give me the desired results (it takes me to an error page for entering an invalid URL.)

    So... how would I go about taking the information off the website? I'm not too terribly concerned with legality at the moment as I'm only making this app for me (although if I can put something together that is legal and I think people would be willing to pay for I'd gladly put it on the app store.)

    The ending of most of the addresses are .xsl. IDK what I can do with that...
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    Use wireshark or some other network snoop tool and find our what URLs your browser is sending back to the web app's server. It could be almost anything.
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    The Google Chrome browser has a "Javascript console" under Developer menu, although I might not have the exact names right. It can generally show all the website requests/objects downloaded. So that might be easier than using wireshark.

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