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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by GeekOFComedy, Sep 17, 2011.

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    Hi there, I'm currently digitizing my blu-ray film collection for the AppleTV2. Now, I know it can play source 1080P but i'm just not sure of the settings. I have handbrake and mp4tools. What's the best bitrate and if possible can 1080P play on original iPads? Or am I better off with 720P and go all out with the bit rate?
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    Master a copy in 1080p (best quality) for the future and render a 720p version for now. Apple needs to roll out a 1080p :apple:TV unit so that the handbrake or similar crews can divine the specs it will support and then build a profile for it. Until then, there would be a lot of guessing.

    When Apple finally does this, Handbrake will roll out the profile and you can go back to your 1080p master to render a version that the next :apple:TV will support. Of course, some of us hope that the next :apple:TV won't come with compromises (again) so that we could throw any 1080p quality settings at it and it could play them. Personally, I'm hoping for maximums: 1080p/60fps at the highest Mbps rates available via either BD or AVCHD. THAT :apple:TV could then be the ONE for everyone: those happy with SD or 720p and those who want something that pushes their HDTV as hard as any BD players.
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    Feb 26, 2011
    Yup, the above advise is perfect. I hope you've got a lot of storage. :)
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    This advice is exactly what I am doing as well. 1080p MKV for the future and 720p M4V for iTunes now. I actually get to use my MKV's now as well because my living room TV has a WD TV Live Plus as it only has component connections and no HDMI. Funny thing is the 720p on my bedroom tv looks better than 1080p on the living room tv. I guess plasma + HDMI > projection + component. BTW in case anyone is wondering the WD is a decent device but when I get a new TV for Xmas, it will be getting an Apple TV. There is a method to Apple's madness and a reason why it is HDMI only. The Apple TV interface destroys he WD, I just wish it had Hulu.

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