Converting .flv to .avi on MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by you-of-eh, Nov 25, 2010.

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    So I want to save a youtube video on my computer in avi format. I load the video, go to my firefox cache folder, find the video and rename it as whatever.avi and paste it to my desktop. I now click on the file and it plays in VLC with the .avi extension. But is the file actually in .avi format?

    When I go to google I see all these third party apps that convert from .flv to .avi, what is the point of these apps if all you have to do is rename the file with the desired extension?

    So when I change the extension from .avi to .flv to .mkv is that actually changing the format correctly? I would assume my mac would let me know if it wasn't.
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    No. Changing the file extension is not the same as properly converting the file. VLC just recognizes the file regardless of the incorrect extension and plays it. What you've got is an .flv file with the wrong extension.

    To convert it properly use something like Handbrake.
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    Visual Hub is what you need my friend, or MPEG streamclip
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