Converting from Canon to Fuji?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by castles00, Apr 24, 2016.

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    Aug 24, 2013
    Hi all - I bought a Fuji X Pro 1 this week and I'm in love. I'm considering a full move from a Canon 6d. Right now, I use Canon's 50mm f/1.8 for street photography and the 16-35mm f/4 for landscape/wide angle shots. It sounds like Fuji's 14mm prime is the best wide angle lens for the XP1. Do any of you have experience with both lenses? Can you share your thoughts on making the jump? I travel a lot and carrying the 6d around has become more of a burden than I expected. I'd like to sell it but don't want to find myself stuck with a weak wide angle lens. Any help/thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
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    Fuji makes great glass. Can't go wrong. It just depends on how wide you want to go. I'd prefer the 16mm f/1.4, but if you need to go wider, the 14 is great.

    I have personal experience with the XPro 1, 18-55, 23/1.4, and 35/1.4. They're all beautiful lenses. Again, you can't really go wrong with any Fuji glass.
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    Seems like you have a few things to consider -
    main use (landscapes, street etc.)
    weight/size for hauling on camera
    balance on camera

    I can only speak from my experience. I prefer the 16mm not for speed (a bonus) but for being somewhat the equivalent to a 24mm lens. I also found it to be sharper than the 14mm. I don't find either the 14mm or 16mm to be super great performers of auto focus in dim light but the 16 fairs better and both can do it.

    Just to be fair - 14mm might be the all around for landscapes, the 16 is good for some landscapes and definitely a winner for street photo. Both are usable for interiors with the 16mm having the advantage where hand holding vs tripod is concerned. The 14mm is less weight to carry around but the 16mm is not particularly heavy just solid.

    Zoom - Fuji does make a nice wide angle zoom. It rates between "good to excellent" overall and if you learn which settings are best at each end of the zoom, the only bad shots are the ones you goofed on (not the lens). As example, some f'stops are better choices than other at each end of the zoom. Figure these out and get the best out of the zoom. Biggest drawback is size and weight.

    While I find the Pro 1 to be a brilliant camera (and now the Pro 2 more so), neither fit my style of shooting given I use my left eye. Interestingly enough, I made some of my very best professional shots with Fuji's 645 series range finders. While the other X series cameras are a better fit for me, I still have a love for not just how well the Pro 1 performs but its own aesthetics - beautiful camera.

    Add: Just as there is Mac Rumors, there is also a site that is Fuji Rumors and its not a bad place to visit and also Fuji X Series Camera Forum. Btw, the very first two 35mm film cameras I learned from were the Nikkormat FTN and Canon AE-1. You went the way of Canon and I went the way of Nikon and we both found paths to Fuji.
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    I recommend that you head over to as its a really nice community and you'll get loads of helpful advice there.

    On the lens front. If you are after wide and don't mind manual focus is certainly recommend the Voigtlander Heliar 15mm as I used to have one on my XE1 and it was an absolute peach of a lens. Great size for the Fujis too.
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    got that nomadic lifestyle
    check out and (formerly

    welcome to fujifilm.
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    Another thumbs up for the Fuji from me. I moved there from a Canon 5DII about three years ago I think. Couldn't cope with the weight and was leaving it behind more often than not. The Fujis put all the enjoyment back into photography for me. I've not got any wider than the 18mm of my 18-55, being more of a 23/35mm (35/50 equiv) shooter. I'll also second @MacRy's suggestion of, it's a friendly, well-run forum. You'll find a thread on your 14 or 16mm question here. I don't think there are any weak Fuji X lenses, they go from good to excellent.
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    Jul 9, 2012
    BTW, several photographers I know left Nikon and Canon and went Fuji. When they did, they also migrated their post processing from Adobe (LR and PS) to Capture One Pro. Evidently the C1P raw converter is much better for Fuji files.

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