Converting HD video to a DVD and Itunes

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by katlove, Jan 4, 2009.

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    Okay - first just let me apologize if I sound like an idiot w/ these questions - I know just enough to be dangerous. Here we go ... I have 1 hr of HD video from an HD mini DV that I just downloaded into IMovie HD -- I was shocked to see it took up 46GB -- do I have a setting wrong somewhere? Next question: I went to use Popcorn to compress the video for Itunes and/or to burn to a DVD -- it cuts the video quality in half?? Bottom line: how do I keep the HD video quality and get it to a portable medium or Apple TV w/o taking up a ton of hard drive space? Thanks in advance for any guidance!!
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    What you want is what the Michelangelos of video are trying to develop. When compress video there is no way of getting it to achieve the same quality as it was uncompressed. If you want the reason for this just ask and I will explain but I will not confuse you right now. I would expect the video to take up about 20GB but not 46GB. What are your settings when capturing (you used the term download) the video. Are you compressing when you capture by using something like H.264 or Apple ProRes 422? BTW, H.264 is not an editable format. It is intended for compressing your final product if you want to put it on the web. It is a good codec but people are overusing it. Like camera manufacturers who have their HDD cameras record compressed in H.264! It's not an editable format so you have to convert it before editing! I suggest that you editing first and then decide what you want to do with the video. Do you want to put it on a DVD, iPod, Apple TV, etc.

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    RE: Converting HD video to a DVD and Itunes

    Thanks for the info David ... I'm capturing HDV using my Canon HV30 camera and then connecting via Firewire to my IMac and transferring straight into IMovie HD -- that's where I'm getting confused on why the file is so large. I looked in the camera manual and I could film in HDV - 30fps which is supposed to be used for editing. Not sure if I answered your question or just confused things more. Thanks again for your reply.

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