Converting HD x264 (1024x560).mp4 to DVD

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by arepadetrigo, Nov 14, 2008.

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    Oct 6, 2005
    Am I the only one who wants to download videos from the internet and then watch them on a regular, non digital TV rather than a computer? I am a noob, but I can't seem to find any software for this. Of course, I am looking for a free program that is easy and straightforward to use. But I can't seem to find anything. There are all sorts of programs to rip DVDs and convert them to computer-usable files, but I want to do the opposite.

    I have downloaded a football game successfully but it is HD and too (something) for my PowerBook G4 to handle. The picture is jumpy and it uses 99% of my computer's resources. I would rather watch it on my TV (older CRT type) anyway so the whole family can watch.

    I have spent the past three hours searching the internet for a free program to do this but have come up short. I tried using VLCs streaming feature to do this, but I let it run all night and it still wasn't finished!!! My computer's fan was running like crazy and it was at 100% resource use all night!!!!!!!! That is no good.

    One major problem I have is understanding what choices to select for the finished file when using VLC. It is not at all user friendly for a noob and I just guessed my way through it. I know all you experts are rolling around laughing at my ignorance, but that is why I bought a Mac in the first place. I don't want to have to learn a bunch of geeky computer stuff just to do what should be a simple, straightforward thing like convert a video file to be able to watch it on TV.

    The file I have downloaded is a "HD x264 (1024x560).mp4" and I want to convert it so that I can watch the ballgame on a plain ole analogue TV. Is that possible AND practical? If it is, is there any free program out there for my Mac (no intel chip) PowerBook G4. Also, could some kind, intelligent, expert please give me some REALLY basic instructions about which video settings I want to set-up VLC or whatever other program so that I can do this conversion without burning up my laptop.

    Am I just using too old a computer for this job? Please excuse my sarcasm. I am greatly appreciative for any help anyone can offer. It's just that I am feeling like I used to when I was a PC-abused user and I don't like that! :)
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    Aug 22, 2003
    It will take many hours on your computer, but you can do it with ffmpegX and VisualHub. There are probably many other tools too, but these are what I have used.

    Any type of video encoding on that laptop is going use be using 100% CPU the whole time. Converting to/from h264 is slow even on the fastest Mac Pro available today.
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    Thanks, but no cigar

    Thanks Neomahem, but the VisualHub is not available any longer (and was not free). The ffmpegX is available but there is some problem with getting it going because of some kind of snafu with an add-on you have to install with it. I tried it and it failed. After reading about others' problems, I punted that. I am feeling this is just not worth it. I have already spent more time trying to get this done than I would have watching the game! But THANKS for your feedback.

    If anyone else has a suggestion, it would be welcome.:apple:


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