Converting mov to mpeg 4/h.264


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Oct 23, 2005
Manchester, UK

I just got a PS3 and am using EyeConnect to stream media from my iMac to it. I believe the PS3 supports MPEG4 (AVC?) and H.264 movies. Most of my movies are in .mov format as I'm a bit of a mac purist.

What's the best, quickest and easiest way to make them PS3 playable? I've tried using quicktime but it's incredibly slow... much slower than I would expect. I'm probably doing it wrong anyway.

Does anybody know of a better way to do this? Any particular apps or tips and tricks?



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Jul 9, 2007
Preston Vic, Australia
Thanks for the link to Visual Hub. I have just tried it out and although it does a reasonale job it is still not as good a quality as using QT Pro.

I have found that using H.264 with medium compression and changing the size to 640 x 480 or 640 x 360 if it's 16:9 ratio works the best. I know QT is not the fastest but it gives by far the best results. I can turn a 37mb file into a 3.7mb file and it will still scale up to 1024 with out any noticable loss of quality.
I do a lot of work for a major car company in Australia, making up presentations in Keynote and need to get the files smaller so they would play properly. After lots of hours of testing this is what I have found works best.

I hope this helps?

Some time faster does not equal better?