Converting .pdf And .CSV Formats To .TXT ?


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Apr 20, 2012

Haven't started playing around with these yet, but thought I'd ask here first.
Always get such good information here.

Have come across some radio frequency lists that I would
like to download into a radio scanning program I use.

The lists are apparently in .pdf and .CSV formats.

The program I want to use them, requires .TXT

How would I convert them, please ?

Or, is pdf and CSV already considered simple TXT formats ?

Have always been confused over "formats".

Thanks, as always, for help,


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Apr 3, 2019
CSV is basically a comma separated text file - open it in Textedit and you'll see.


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Jan 28, 2016
Or, is pdf and CSV already considered simple TXT formats ?
Both are technically "text" formats:

A PDF is a program (in text) that draws the document image on the page. If you open it as text, all you'll see is the program code. To extract data, view the PDF in Preview, mouse select a piece of data, copy it, and paste into a text editor or word processor. If you are unlucky, the PDF will contain a picture of the data. In that case you'll need an OCR program.

CSV is a text file with values separated by commas - commonly used as a least common denominator way of transferring spreadsheet data. Depending on your program, you may be able to import it directly, or you might have to manually edit the commas to something different.
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