Converting RAWs to DNGs, questions about compatibility...

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by eyeon, Sep 13, 2008.

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    I would like to eventually convert all of my RAW CR2 files to DNG, and had some fairly basic questions.

    I tend to manually import my RAW images after a shoot into custom folders which I create myself, and then I usually open up that folder in Bridge CS3 for sorting, deleting, rating, metadata, etc.

    After this I import the photos into Lightroom 2.0 using the "add photos to catalog without moving" selection so as not to create a bunch of duplicates I don't need. This seems to preserve the ratings and such that I made in Bridge, which I really like -- but this is where it gets tricky...

    If I then change, say, the rating of a photo in Lightroom, the rating will NOT be updated if I go back to Bridge -- and vice versa -- if I modify a rating in Bridge, that change will not be reflected in Lightroom. Once the photos are imported into Lightroom, they no longer seem to cross over. However, if I edit a photo in Lightroom, the visual edits WILL be reflected if I then view the photo in Bridge.

    So, my question is, if I convert my images to DNGs, will this make for a more compatible workflow between these two programs? For instance, if I rate one of my DNGs in either Lightroom or Bridge, will that rating be written into the file so that the other program will be able to read it and modify it?

    As I understand it, one advantage to DNGs is that you only need one file. XMP sidecar files become unnecessary. Is it true then if I edit the photo in any way in any program from the Creative Suite, that those edits will become apparent in another Creative Suite program? (I understand that this wouldn't apply to any file type other than DNG...)

    Thanks in advance.
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    So why don't you try it already and test it yourself?

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