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    Hi Fellas!!

    Now that I have a new computer, I want to convert all my VHS and 8mm tape to digital. I have seen a lot of options out there, and I more or less narrowed them down to two. ROXIO and HONESTECH.

    Not so sure if there is a big difference between them. I noticed that HONESTECH comes with a "vidbox" as opposed to a bunch of wires coupled together attached to small box. I don't think the hardware is really what matters most here, but more the software. They are both around the same price, I think the ROXIO is maybe $10 more and ROXIO looks to offer more support as I have seen the forum they have.

    BUT....seeing how software is always being updated, can anyone tell me what is the better of the two? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks so much!


    (hope I posted this in the right place....)
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    If you have a lot of tapes, like 25+, think about sending them out to be converted. You would get better results at a fraction of your time. There was a thread here maybe a month ago with some good suggestions.

    I used a Sony converter years ago that worked fine, but one of the issues today is wear and tear of the tape. The tapes are no longer pristine and pro tape deck equipment is tuned to extract as much as possible from the degraded media.

    The analog to digital conversion is the easy part. :)
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    My parents looked into sending them out years ago and that was absolutely the case. The pro equipment is a lot better than anything the consumer can buy. A few companies even specialize in digitizing home movies. They did a great job with my parents. Can't remember who they used or I'd post it.

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