Convince me to switch to Mac!

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by waloshin, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. waloshin macrumors 68040

    Oct 9, 2008
    - Im thinking about buying an Aluminum Macbook, 2.4ghz.

    I could for the same price get a Dell Studio xps 1640 with the beatiful rgbled screen.

    The reason I want the Macbook is because I want to see what Snow Leopard can do when it comes out. And I also will have the ability to run Windows 7 when it comes out.

    - I own a 2001 Ibook g3 500mhz running 10.39. Im actually impressed by the speed and the screen quality on this 8 year old laptop! The viewing angles are great for an ibook. Please confirm that the Macbook has a better screen!

    I also have a powerful desktop at home running Windows Vista and ubuntu.

  2. natebookpro macrumors 6502a

    Sep 25, 2008
    Go check one out in person. Its the only way to really know what you will think of the screen.
  3. zer0tails macrumors 65816


    Mar 23, 2008
  4. zunairryk macrumors regular

    Mar 8, 2009
    Vancouver, BC
    lol u posted exact same thread on, ( ahem ahem i did the same thing :rolleyes:)

    lol i posted a comment in tht thread, ill just copy and paste here :p

  5. waloshin thread starter macrumors 68040

    Oct 9, 2008
    What you wrote was just beautiful, thanks, ya you caught me, I always need two different forums opinions!
  6. McKnight macrumors member


    Mar 29, 2009
    no, you shouldn't need convincing & i'm not on the apple payroll.
  7. Illicit macrumors 6502

    May 14, 2007
    Waterloo, ON
    IMHO! the XPS has a better screen.
  8. alec macrumors regular

    Oct 19, 2005
    Washington DC
    You won't have to buy anti-virus software ever again. :)
  9. Jack Flash macrumors 65816

    May 8, 2007
    Never say never.
  10. js81 macrumors 65816


    Dec 31, 2008
    Yeah, as much as we hate it, that day is probably coming. That's the downside to Mac OS getting to be more popular. Maybe we should stop recommending Macs to people and enjoy our nice, practically virus-free operating system... :)

    Thanks goodness, for now, though, its just user stupidity (like the worm/trojan/botnet from downloading the pirated iWork).
  11. apull macrumors member

    Mar 15, 2008
    imho this is one of the worst arguments mac users make.

    there are scads of free anti-virus programs out there for PCs, and every year the probability of mac viruses coming increases. PWN to OWN consistently sees the mac getting hacked first, and past winners have repeatedly called the mac the easiest to hack, largely because of OS implementation weaknesses.

    the aluminum macbooks are nice looking machines, but that dell is going to get you a full-HD LED screen (vs. 1280 x 800!), twice the ram, a faster processor, a bigger hard drive, a dedicated graphics card, an option to add blu-ray for $50. (maybe you were already planning on that), and twice the warranty.

    you gotta ask yourself: are you willing to make a significant hardware sacrifice to have that shiny apple?

    the dell is a little more than a pound heavier, and obviously bigger with the difference in screen size.

    buy the dell, and then when snow leopard comes out go buy it in the apple store and <cough> hackintosh.


    disclaimer: i own a macbook and a mac mini, as well as a home built pc. i love my macs, but if you're looking for a powerful machine, macs get way too expensive way too quick.
  12. Consultant macrumors G5


    Jun 27, 2007

    Apple Laptops Extend Their Lead in Reliability


    Pwn2Own contest winner: Macs are safer than Windows

    Giz Explains: Why OS X Shrugs Off Viruses Better Than Windows

    The Mac Malware Myth

    The Unavoidable Malware Myth
  13. chrmjenkins macrumors 603


    Oct 29, 2007
    I've seen that a lot of people are dissatisfied with the RGB LED screen. Doesn't seem to be any better than the WLED.
  14. guzzlamiamor macrumors member

    Oct 19, 2008
    Here we go with the price discussion again. I would like to point out that bigger everything is not always better. First, for most people mobility is an important aspect of a lap top. The Mac has the Dell beat in this area. Second, OSX is better out of the box and comes with more complementary software. For the me the difference between having to use Vista/XP, and being able to use OSX is worth any price difference. I also love how people always point out that it is now standard for Vista machines to come with around 4 gig RAM. First, unless it is 64bit it can't even use that much. If it is, it actually needs 4 gig of RAM to run as well as OSX on 2 because it is such a bloated turd.

    Now for the point about the Mac getting hacked. Why don't you do a compare contrast of known worms, trojans, and viruses for OSX vs Vista/XP? Being hacked by professional hackers is typically not a concern of the standard home user, but being infected by these things is. This is completely irrelevant to the posters original question, or anyone considering a purchase for that matter.

    The only valid point you make is that a bigger screen and blu-ray can be had for about the same price, which is only important if you plan to game or watch a lot of movies on it. Then again, if you really want to game you should have a desk top in the first place. The aforementioned Dell is not a gaming powerhouse by any stretch of the imagination.
  15. rhett7660 macrumors G4


    Jan 9, 2008
    Sunny, Southern California
    Why do we have to convince you to get a Mac? Can't you go down to your local best buy or apple store, look, feel and play with one to see if you like it?

    What can someone here say that already hasn't been said in countless other threads on this forum and around the internet????
  16. waloshin thread starter macrumors 68040

    Oct 9, 2008
    I would , but I dont have a local best buy nor a Apple store. The closet to a best buy would be 2 hours.
  17. Airforcekid macrumors 65816


    Sep 29, 2008
    United States of America
  18. alphaod macrumors Core


    Feb 9, 2008
    If you have no reason to switch, don't find one.
  19. yoyomaster macrumors regular

    Apr 5, 2009
    I agree.
  20. Gaelic2 macrumors 6502

    Aug 17, 2007
    Mountains of N. California
    Convince me to buy a Mac????? Is this the height of hubris or what? Do your homework, check it out and buy what you want. There is no reason I can think of at the moment, to convince you of anything!
  21. apull macrumors member

    Mar 15, 2008

    all of that is besides the point though:
    1) if you buy a pc, you will never have to pay for antivirus either: pick one of the many very good free ones out there
    2) buy a mac, pay for style.
    3) buy a pc, pay for diversity of hardware features.

    dell: expresscard, firewire, esata, usb, vga, hdmi, memory card reader, display port, blu-ray, satisfactory screen resolution
    mac: usb, minidisplay port, not enough pixels to handle your photoshop tool palettes, aluminum unibody

    why do i even bother with this argument? people buy the features they, Gaelic2, buy the features you want, at a price within your budget. if you don't need all the features that some have pointed out you don't need.... find a pc without them, and i guarantee you'll save a few hundred bones.
  22. BornAgainMac macrumors 603


    Feb 4, 2004
    Florida Resident
    Some people just have a dual setup. No switching. A popular combination is a PC desktop and a Mac notebook. Get the best of both worlds.
  23. Gasu E. macrumors 601

    Gasu E.

    Mar 20, 2004
    Not far from Boston, MA.
  24. Scottsdale macrumors 601


    Sep 19, 2008
    The unibody MB is beautifully built... however, the display on it is terrible. I love the aluminum brick unibody. The components are nice together. It is plenty fast with 2.4 and DDR3 1066 MHz RAM.

    OS X is much nicer than Windows. But still goes back to display. The display on the unibody MB is absolutely terrible. It is washed out. The blacks are more like charcoal.

    It's really a shame that Apple made the display so crappy.

    Really, either the MBA or MBP offer beautiful displays. You can buy a unibody 2.4 MBP refurbished for $1699, and that has a beautiful display and dual graphics cards.

    Good luck whichever computer you buy.

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