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    FM Transmitters have been around for a long time but the majority were a unit that plugged into the bottom of your phone meaning they were never universal and switching phone brand would render the transmitter of no use to you. The FM Transmitter from Coocheer is different in that it connects to your phone over Bluetooth. As long as your phone supports Bluetooth audio then you can use it with this.

    In the box is the FM Transmitter, a flexible power stem and a user guide. The reason the power stem and transmitter are two separate components is because the transmitter contains a rechargeable battery that is good for 2.5 hours of use. Of course the transmitter attaches quickly and easily to the power stem thanks to a strong magnetic coupling allowing easy positioning of the transmitter as well as power/charging duties. The power connector is a standard car charger with a flexible stem and LED to indicate power and also features a USB socket at the top which will let you power your phone when in use.

    When you have your phone connected to the transmitter over Bluetooth, you can then select an FM frequency to broadcast the phone's music over. Simply tune your car radio into this FM frequency and you can now listen to your music in the car.

    The transmitter features dials for volume and FM tuning which is shown on the built in display. There are also buttons for skipping forwards and back as well as an action button on top. This button allows you to play or pause music but also lets you answer an incoming phone call. The transmitter has a microphone just below the display that lets you go hands free with your calls. The transmitter also has two status LEDs so you can confirm when connected over Bluetooth or powered on.

    In operation I found the FM Transmitter easy to use and audio quality was good; music sounded clear with no obvious interference. An FM transmitter isn't for everyone, some car stereos already include USB or Bluetooth support for music but if your car stereo supports neither and you want to play music from your phone or other Bluetooth device, this FM transmitter is a great option.

    Disclaimer - I received this as a free sample for review on Amazon but wanted to share my thoughts here.

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    While verbose, this review sounds canned. If you were compensated for it (by receiving the products at discount or for free), you should disclose as much.


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