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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by SilentPanda, Jul 23, 2009.

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    A site I'm working on in PHP is having some issues with cookies with the Kindle web browser.

    I'm printing out the cookies using print_r($_COOKIE) and in Firefox everything looks fine (and it works fine). However on the Kindle the cookie appears slightly different.

    It has a named array index "[$Version] => 0". Also all my cookie values have the following attached to the end of them; ", $Version=0". So when I go to retrieve them they aren't what I expect them to be. I imagine this is the issue with the site. It's fairly trivial to remove the ", $Version=0" off but I'm curious if anybody knows why it might be putting it there? If it's a side effect of the $Version index I'd rather just figure out a way for that to stop happening.

    I guess it could be user agent related (it's not my code) but I did grep for Version=0 and didn't get any results. It does look like the code is using YUI from Yahoo.

    This RFC also seems to mention something about Version...

    I'm not well versed in web stuff but thought maybe some of you might have encountered this or at least know why the browser might be doing this.

    Edit: I just spoofed the user agent in Safari to the Kindles and it works the same as Firefox... :( So probably nothing to do with the user-agent.
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