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    Dilima: Lion seems to not want to install on a clean harddrive that has been reformatted.

    So yesterday I decided to install lion onto my iMac. I succesfully completed the tedious task of downloading it and since I do a clean install once every couple of months decided to redo the proccess and get the lion software onto a usb thumb drive. So i booted up from the old snow leopard disk and reformatted and erased the drive. I then preceded to put snow leopard on the disk but it would not let me. So rather than fighting it I used the Recovery HD and tried it that way.​
    I then started to download it and after 3 hours of waiting when there was only around 30 minutes left it said "Are you sure you would like to cancle download?" I clicked cancel and it popped up again and again I clicked cancel but this time it closed out to the main screen of the recovery HD!:mad:
    I did this process again and ended up with the same result. Please help me because for now I have no computer and just a heavy paperweight.​

    Update: I am currently downloading lion for my sister's computer who came to visit and am plaaning to make a usb out of that. Will it work?
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    yes follow the intructions look on google and press option while u restart and choose the USB needs to format journaled
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    Not sure what the issue here is... seems pretty simple.

    Open disk utility, format a USB stick HFS+ journaled. Click the Restore tab, chose USB as your destination drive and the Lion Disk Image (extracted from the package you DL from the app store) as the source image. And it will make a bootable Lion install USB disk for you.

    There are instructions on the internet... is a wonderful place.

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